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Ok honestly, look @ the majority of the positive reviews for IGXE they read like they were written by someone who can't speak english. I bet you 70% of them are written by a employee or affiliate of IGXE.

"but PL is slower because they worry that pl too fast will lead my account be banned"
"Every time they can make me feel satisfied."
"On all questions her gives an answer and he doesnt need a long time for that."

Those are quotes from the first 3 5star reviews for this company on this very page. Look through them they are all broken english. Anyways I have had alot of good experiences with IGXE but a few very bad ones. Just recently though, I bought 50k plat on EQ classic cost about $300 because it was on a progression server. They said they needed a copy of my ID to confirm my identity. I said I've never heard of that before and i refuse to do it. So I asked them to cancel the order, they said it ha never been charged because it wasn't a confirmed ordered. I go look on my online banking the money had been taken. Go back and talk to the customer rep, they were very short with me told me outright they didn't remove any money and told me to take it to my credit card issuer or some Global Credit company... I had my online banking open the entire time without question they took the money now they refuse to return it. Sadly consumers like us have little protection against this because what we are paying for isn't tangible goods.

ANYWAYS I'm not one to write in the forums normally but, this is such a big scam be very leery do not use this site.


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