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I was told this morning they were never going to fulfill my order and they now had my card number so would be racking up orders like crazy on my personal card!

Here is what transpired...

I placed an order last night for Gold for an MMO. I was told they had it in stock, prior to making my payment. Once I had verification that Paypal had completed the CC payment, I contacted chat and was told they had been out of stock for some time so to please give them 2 hours. They would call in less than 2 hours to meet me in game to make the transfer.

So I waited and waited and at 2 1/2 hours I contacted chat again. I was told they had it and to log in. Then after getting into game, and waiting 15 mins, I was told that they were still working on the order and that they had it in stock when I ordered it originally (now almost 3 hours earlier) but they were afraid it was too late to call me in regards to it. I explained I was up and that during that first convo that I would be up and waiting for their call.

Then the lies started on various excuses and so forth. The "dev" in game who as making the delivery told me that they hadn't even started and would be doing a server transfer with it. He requested I put a grey item up on the auction houses for them to purchase. I'm sorry, 15k for a stack of rough stone... he requested I do it as 5 stones... is an immediate flag by the MMO and grounds for account suspension.
I explained this and was told to wait a moment as they had the gold. Then it changed again to they didn't have it.

The stories kept changing between both the guy in game as well as the customer service rep in chat! I requested then demanded they cancel the order and refund. The response I got was "hey dude, we're trying to get this done. It could be 15 min or 15 days." So again I demanded it be cancelled.

Over night I received two emails saying they were still out of stock and were working on it.

So first thing this morning I got online, went to their "chat' help and asked what was going on. I was told they had the gold and to log in to receive it. Once online, I was told they didn't have it and were working on it. Within the span of 1 min!!!

When I told them to again follow through with their cancellation, I was laughed at and told they had my card number and to "eff" myself as now they were going to rack up as many charges as they could.
Just disputed it with my bank and cancelled the card.

Unbelievable bad service!!! Check the BBB in regards to them. Way too many complaints filed within the last 6 months. over 188!!!

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  • Co
      9th of Apr, 2013

    You could not expect they have the stock all they time. I have been through this b4, but since they can not deliver ti me, they just refunded . We all knows no one could charge the credit card with out the holders permission.
    And, i was compensated because of the delay, because they did give me the gold not in a long time.

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  • Co
      9th of Apr, 2013

    dear friend, you could not expect they have the stock all the time. Maybe its true that when you were placing the order, someone did ordered before you. LOL
    I have been though this b4, but they are very nice, some times thry just refund me because of the short supplier, sometimes, i just wait, because they gave me a huge compensation.
    To be frankly, . i am totally satisfied with there service, and keep order from them.
    Oh, everyone knows, nobody could charge the money without the holders permission.LOL

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