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IC Systems, Inc. / wrong number/continue to call

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This company began calling my home on July 12, 2008. The second time their ID showed up, I decided to answer it even though I had no idea who they were or what they wanted. Since my son is on the road a lot, I felt I should answer it in case there was an emergency of some sort. I said, "Hello ... hello" (automated call). This woman comes on and asks for "Mary". I said you have the wrong number. She said, "You're not Mary?" No, I am not Mary. She asked me to verify my phone number by saying it out loud so it could be recorded, then it would be deleted from the system. Well I did, and guess what? They didn't delete it from the system. In one week they had called more than 21 times. They called again while I was at home and I answered it again. Voice on the other line sounded much like the first lady. Since my conscience bothered me after the first call, I sweetly told her again there was no Mary at that number and I hung up. Called again yesterday. This time it's a guy on the line. He asks for "Mary" and I say you have the wrong number for the third time. He asks me to verify my number out loud. I say "no." You have the number in your database so I don't see a need for that. He is screaming at me telling me YOU HAVE TO REPEAT THE NUMBER but I hang up. Does this qualify for harassment? My next step is filing a complaint against this company with the FTC. If they continue my next call will be to the local prosecuting attorney to find out what actions I should take.

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  • Ls
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    I C Systems keeps calling our home wanting to speak to my son-in-law. We have told them numerous times that he does not live with us and to quit calling our number, but they continue to call. We were getting phone numbers on our caller ID but the last few calls said "private number". I ask the caller what this was in regards to before I gave them a phone number. And he said "What are you, his boss?" I said "I might be, I am his mother-in-law". That shut him up. I need to find a way to keep these people from calling and would file a formal complaint.

  • Fr
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    IC Systems calls my house also.They are trying to collect on a debt, that they say I owe from a Dentist Office.I do not owe this
    Dentist anything.The last time I went to that Dentist he didn't
    even do the work he was supposed to do.I didnt receive a bill.
    Now this was in 08.If I had owed that Dentist anything, he would
    have contacted me way before now.This Dentist has hired IC
    Systems to collect $64.00 from me, that I dont even owe.A man
    called my house from IC Systems one day.My brother answered
    the phone and the representative was very nasty.I am writing
    IC Systems a letter to let them know, I am going to contact the
    FTC.I am also going to report the Dentist Office and maybe
    turn the Dentist into the Dental Board.

  • Ke
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    i totally agree today i called them to find out about this debt that they claim i owe because the company themselves who ic says i owe never contacted me and same thing personnel were very rude and like someone else said she keep trying to to talk over me i filed a complaint with the better business BUREAU.

  • Ch
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I recieved a phone call on Thursday November 6. They asked for my mother, in which I replied that she doesn't live at this residence. The woman said " Thank You" and hung up. But guess what ... she called again the following day. I didn't answer. Well here it is Saturday the 8th of November and I get another call. I answer this time to tell them to please delete my number from their call list. Same woman as the first call on the 6th. I told her yet again that my mother doesn't live here and that I want my number taken off the list. I told them that it was illegal to phish for numbers of people who might have contact with the person whose debt is in question . She then proceeded to tell me that my number was listed as a contact number for my mother. FALSE. I know for a fact my mother would never give my number for a contact number. After I told this WOMAN this she yelled at me " give me her number" two or three times. In which I replied " take my number off your call list". Instead of saying, yes, this b***h told me she wasn't going to take my number off and she was going to continue to call, then she hung up.

    Excuse me but I am not even the one who owes a debt and I am not authorized to hand out anyones phone number much less some one I love to harrassing b***hes. I believe that the person who called me was a contracted debt collector. Employed by I.C. Systems, but one that works from home. One it is Saturday and the 888 number for I.C Systems states that their office is closed, I left a fairly demanding message stating I wanted a supervisor not a customer service rep to return my call. I continued trying to call the number on my caller i.d. to get in touch with a supervisor. But my call was disconnected everytime. Giving me reason to believe that it was an at home debt collector avoiding my calls.

    Well it really pissed me off that she refused to remove my number and then threatened me in saying she was going to continue to call, that I felt obliged to contact my local police. I called the Sheriff's Office and asked if there was anything to be done in regards to my encounter. Sure enough the very nice officer told me to contact a man who handles these cases and that he is the one to contact if and when this happens. So if you have these problems, just contact law enforcment because it is a form of harrassment.

    I did some research on this company after I spoke with the Sheriffs Office . Let me say, why hasn't this company been shut down yet? I haven't read one decent thing about this company. I also so a bit where someone pressed charges against the company in the state of Texas. But regardless. Everyone has the same complaint. Harrassing calls, rude personel, threats, and refusal to remove contact numbers from their ever dialing call list.

    So if it keeps happening call law enforcement. This isn't even my debt I owe but it just chaps my a** that I am getting harrassed. I will follow up on Monday with the man I am told to contact and hopefully get something done. I will also follow up on the 888 number for I .C Systems to lodge a complaint with them and tell them that I see its a common thing. I really hope this foul company goes down as a result of its blatant refusal to follow the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection P ractices Act. For more information on it I found this website.

  • Ji
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    They are doing the same thing to me calling for someone that does not live at my number, I have informed them 4 times and they keep calling I have filed with the FTC 3 times now. I’m going to send a registered letter this week and then if they do not stop I will file in small claims court for damages. I say take $ from them and they will learn.

  • Be
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    IC Systems just called me asking for someone that used to have this phone number (someone I do not know). Melinda spoke to me in a very nasty tone of voice when I told her that she had the wrong number and asked where she was calling from. I asked to talk to her supervisor. She transferred me to a man whose name I did not catch. I explained to him that Melinda had called me in error and then been very nasty. He told me that he would never believe me over her and that he wouldn't listen to a lecture from me about how to run his office. I asked again for the name of the company, which he refused to give me saying that he was only obligated to give that information once. He also would not repeat his name. I used *69 to get the phone number and called back to get the name of the company. I again reached Melinda, who was again very nasty. She said if I wanted to know what kind of business it was I would have to look it up online, so I did.
    I'm just in shock that someone can be that nasty for a living. How do they live with themselves?

  • Je
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    I had this same thing happen to me only they were calling my cell phone. When I told them the town in which they were calling was not even in my area code, they still insisted I was lying to them so that I didn't have to pay them. They continued to call several times a day and were threatening and harrassing to me. It took me calling the Minneapolis police to make them stop. An officer had to call them to tell them I was getting ready to file harrassment charges for them to remove my name. They did stop calling, but about 30 days later the calls started again. I reminded them of what I did and they quit calling. Call the police dept immediately if they continue to call you!!!

  • La
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    Forget the better business bureau. They do nothing against dues paying members. Collecting those dues are more important than helping the consumer.

  • Er
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    file your complaint!! i am researching how to send them to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! they probably are scamming people. I got the same automated call but they had the right name and wanted me to verify myself with the last four digits of my social security number. then, i asked them what the dept was...and it was never mine!! they stated a wrong address and it was two states away, where i have never lived! lol stupid people

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