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Wow it's surprising to see those of you who are actually in debt talk as you do. Or those that aren't in debt but are relatives, significant others, etc.. of debtors.

I hope you realize that debt collectors are also people. If you're swearing at them, you think that's respectful and professional of you? Obviously they aren't going to take that from someone they don't know either. When you get on the line with a collector, it's almost 90% chance that you're not talking to the same one as before. So why vent and cuss at someone who has never even talked to you before? Sure you may have been treated horribly by one collector, it doesn't mean that every collector is like that.
I think that debtors should just be calm and know who you're talking to first. It isn't right for a collector to tell you you are a deadbeat- I agree. But not all collectors will say that. I think those who do call debtors names, those are the collectors who should be apologize and not say those things in the first place.

But also, being pushy about getting payments from debtors IS the collector's job. That's what they're being paid for. They're rated on their performance on the accounts they work. If a collector can't get any debtor's to pay, they're in trouble. Understand that their job relies on debtors paying their bills.

I've worked collections before. I even worked at IC. I once had a debtor tell me as soon as I called her she shouted "WHY THE [censored] ARE YOU CALLING ME??? YOUR MOTHER SHOULD'VE ABORT YOU!!!" and hung up on me. I've never spoken to her before, I've never insulted her. She JUST insulted me. And I was only do my job to call people. Collectors shouldn't have to take that kind of abuse either. Debtors can be just as nasty as some collectors.

I've always been understanding when I collected and I never pushed people. I let the debtors rant to me about how they got screwed over with fees or how they lost their house, job, car, have medical issues, etc.
The only time I got firm was when the debtor got firm with me.

Another thing to consider is that collectors deal with a lot of people (debtors). Even though your situation may be true, collectors here a lot of lies. Or when debtors say they will call back, collectors trust them to do so. But if they don't, the trust is broken. After dealing with many debtors and getting so many lies or broken promises, collectors get fed up and change their ways/looks. It may not be your/the current debtor's fault for this change, but it's also not the collectors. Over time collectors get tired of people saying they can't pay but they can pay to go on vacation or this or that. There's a lot of trust that gets broken between debtors and collectors.

For those of you who are innocent and are getting calls for people you don't even know, don't get mad about it. Talk to someone and calmly state the situation. How long you've had the #, etc...
But this is also a trust issue...debtors can/have lied or pretended to be someone else to cheat collectors. It's hard for collectors to know the truth.

Just remember, collectors and debtors fall into each others' verbal assaults though none of it should happen.

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  • Ma
      Jul 21, 2009

    Hey yo -

    Funny... I just received a call yesterday from IC System to collect a debt from AT&T... The person was rude... insulting... argumentative. Unwilling to understand that there was a mistake with the account and I needed to work with them to get it resolved…. They just wanted money and didn’t care about the fact that I didn't actually owe the debt.

    So basically you are full of ###.

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  • He
      Jul 28, 2009

    thanks but i'm not full of ###

    Debtors swear/cuss a lot...

    have you ever dealt with me before? No. So do not judge me. you can judge anyone else.but not me, okay?

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