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Iberia Airlines/ Airline Tickets / Cancelled ticket

1 New York, NY, United States

Iberia Airlines has horrendous customer service. If you value your money, time or sanity do not book Iberia.

In April, I purchased tickets for my daughter to travel alone to Spain as an unaccompanied minor. I purchased the tickets 4 months in advance of her trip. I called Iberia directly & purchased the tickets on the phone with an Iberia customer service agent. The Iberia customer service agent "never put in my credit card information" even though I DEFINITELY provided it.

I discovered that my daughter's ticket was CANCELLED without any notification or warning. I had no idea why so I called Iberia customer service to investigate. I was told that I "never provided payment information" and I would be required to pay an additional $1, 000 USD in order to re-book these tickets that I had already purchased.

Fast forward later after 5 phone calls to Iberia customer service, 4 times being HUNG UP ON by customer service reps who were "transferring me to their manager", THREE AND HALF HOURS LATER Iberia finally offers me a "resolution". The manager (who NEVER came on the phone directly) found the recording of my original 40 minute phone call to Iberia back in April. The manager reviewed the call & discovered that I INDEED provided payment information & that I INDEED HAD PREVIOUSLY PAID! The manager told the customer service representative to re-book my flight & offer me the same price I originally paid back in April.

Given all the inconvenience, headache, frustration Iberia should have AT LEAST offered my daughter an upgrade. They offered nothing, no apologies, no upgrades, nothing. Only a slap in the face, wasting several hours of my life and a huge headache.

I frequently fly from NY to Spain & I would NEVER use Iberia again. Customer service is so subpar it is sad. Below is a list of the various unacceptable resolutions Iberia offered me prior to finally reviewing the recording of my original phone call where I purchased the tickets:
1- call back in 3 days after the manager has time to review the information (the flight is scheduled for a mere 7 days away, this is grossly inappropriate)
2- call back in 1 day after the manager has time to review the information (again, the flight is in a mere 7 days, the issue should be resolved immediately not days later especially given how soon the flight is scheduled)
3- call back in 1 hour since the manager was "busy" (there should always be other managers available/ or that manager's supervisor should be available)
4- stay on hold for another 1 hour while you wait for the manager to free up
5- pay for new tickets costing an additional $1, 000 (goes without saying that I should not have to pay an additional $1, 000 for Iberia's mistake).
6- hold on while you are "being transferred to a manager" only to be HUNG UP ON EACH TIME for a total of FOUR TIMES!!!

The original customer service representative who “never put in my credit card information” should be fired. Customer service representatives should be retrained so that they provide resolutions that are acceptable. Upgrades should always be automatically offered when Iberia’s does such horrible mistakes. Managers / alternate managers should always be available to help customers with urgent issue. In conclusion, I am irate with the horrible customer service Iberia has provided to me so much so to the point I feel the need to file a complaint and provide this lengthy explanation resulting in the issue with Iberia’s customer service taking up yet more of my time.

An Irate Customer

Jul 27, 2015

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