I Saw It Firstdelivery

Hi I am at the end of my tether.I made 2 orders on Sunday 9th December.I was charged full price for items as I thought they were in the sale but my biggest worry is I have not received 1 of my order s and its the 1 for 630 pounds which I ordered 1st.Myother order came on Monday evening.I have tried many many times to email and I'm getting nowhere.Also.every time I try to sign in and retrieve a new password (just in case that was what was wrong) it says my email address is invalid.Hermes delivered only 1 bag with order number [protected] and tracking no., [protected].The order I haven't received is order no., [protected] and I am unable to give a tracking number as its just not there?It's not on the email (it's on its way)I am really in tear s with this as its 630 pounds.Please help me.Thanks

Dec 12, 2018

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