I-Hop790 n i-35 lancaster tx

I have a lot of patience but sometimes that patience is really tried. This is a review of a restaurant.

Today, at lunch, we went to I-Hop on I-35 just south of Pleasant Run. We got there at 10:25, and was seated after waiting for 4 minutes for the hostess to decide to clean the table. Ok, no real problem. She gave us the menus and then left. After 7 minutes, a waiter came and took our order, telling us that he was having to help in the kitchen as well, so it might be a while. I ordered crepes and my husbands order was waffles and scrambled eggs with 2 pieces of bacon. We finally got a glass of water given to us. After quite a while, I asked them if it was going to be very long, as it had been 25 minutes since we were seated. "no, not too much longer". 10 Minutes later, no food, no more explanation, we decided that was entirely too long, as he had to get to work. I told them to cancel the order and that it should not have taken that long to fix what we had ordered. We left a little after 11:00, went home and fixed him a sandwich. Also, the wall across from us had milk and something else spilt on it and had not been cleaned. Needless to say, we won't be back.

May 16, 2017

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