Hyperstar (Carrefour)worst job experience

Hellow everyone... I am currently an employee of hyperstar (carrefour) and my experience of job is the worst experience here at hyperstar. I am not blaming the one who is reading this but trust me everyone at hyperstar wether he is a merchandiser or chef or a stocker, everyone just hate hyperstar here. Now what is the reason of this situation??? The reason is they dont have any punctuality.. Let me tell you about me, I am an emloyee of hyperstar and I am doing job of about 11 hours and 10 minutes a day sometimes or it would be better to say that I work there for about 12 to 13 hours whereas the timings are 8 to 5 and 10 to 7... Why??? Why they dont think of their employees.. That is why no one stays there for a long time but the higher managment???
No following of rules.
No punctuality.
Do not care about their employyes.
Some managers dont even know what a manager is.
Alot of people ask is this a multinational company??? I cant answer them???
I just spent 2 months there and now I am resigning from there.
I know nothing will happen in return of this complain but I think its my duty to inform others what a real multinational company is like hyperstar... Thanx

Dec 18, 2014

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