HyderabadOnlineFlorists.comthe products are not delivered. money is deducted and there is no response on the delivery

We have ordered flowers and cake for a particular date. It was not delivered and there was no information as for the delay or reason for not delivering. The phone number provided online does not work. After multiple attempts and email, the manager had audacity to call and say sorry and they would deliver next day. And yet till now there is no clue where they are on this delivery. These people are running this online business as a scam. Just looting people as the money is already deducted and there is no one to respond on the actual delivery. We see multiple complaints on the same here. Please take some action ASAP.

Order no: hhof-[protected]

There are similar complaints since 2010 and why no one is taking any action. This means everyday they are looting people and till this day they have survived. Request to take serious action and Ensure this website is down and track down the owners and take legal action ASAP

Dec 01, 2018

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