Hush PuppiesBad Supervisor

I was work as a part time promoter warehouse brand Husp puppies ( ladies department) at Parkson plaza, Bukit Bintang. For the whole week I work there, I follow the Parkson rules and unfortunately all the my hard working is not worth it in the end. Because of ladies executive spread lies to the supervisor told me out with a guy while I was at that time in prayer (solat). Due to the matter, HP supervisors do not pay my salary according to time. furthermore she deliberately lowered my salary from RM 5.00 to RM 4.50. who is not angry she fooled your like that, whereas before starting work she says my salary RM 5.00 per hour. Because the little things they serve employees indiscriminately. Even Malaysian in employment laws give privileges for Muslims worker to pray. She think rank and position she have can oppress employees with impunity. 100% she Chinese women (Kelly) is not qualified to be supervisor.

Feb 02, 2015

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