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Hunter Warfield / rudeness and attitude; bad customer service

1 KY, United States Review updated:

I found out I had a debt on my credit report from an apartment community that had been turned over to Hunter Warfield for collections 2 years ago. My credit report stated one amount, when I called the apartment community the amount was $25.00 higher, and they referred me to Hunter Warfield to resolve the debt. When I called Hunter Warfield, they insisted the debt was yet another $20.00 higher than the original on the credit report (which was just ran yesterday). HW explained it was interest... When I tried to get the interest negotiated, they did not want to hear it. This debt was due to cleaning fees from an apartment for an oven cleaning and removing a table from a patio. When I agreed to pay the higher balance, they asked for all sorts of personal information, including a friend or relatives phone number - even though I was paying the balance in full. When I would not give this information, I was hung up on. When I called back, I was placed on hold for an extremely long time and hung up on once again when I wouldn't disclose a friend's number. I finally spoke to a supervisor on my 3rd call and was able to get a pin number to make the payment online without disclosing a friend's number (which the prior associates would not do in the previous calls). This company is extremely rude.

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  • La
      27th of Jun, 2009

    I am actually pursuing legal litigation against this company almost for the same thing.

    I had an apartment complex charge me insane fees to clean the apartment when I moved out (they charged me for things that were wrong when I moved in!)

    I immediately paid in full, the balance directly to the apartment complex and have receipts, canceled checks and even a signed notarized letter from them stating that.

    Hunter Warfield continues to call! I went so far as having the apartment complex (which is now over 200 miles from me) call Hunter Warfield in my presence, to have them remove the account. They told the apartment complex that pays them to collect debts, that it wasnt their problem!

    My credit score has plunged because of these fruitcakes.

    They are rude, threatening and practicing illegally. They continue to call after numerous certified letters to cease telephone communications, they threaten legal action without cause, they even released MY MOTHERS credit score and credit line to me, after reading off her SS# to me. My mother and I live independently of each other (as adults do).. how on earth did they get that info!?

    I'm glad for your credit score that you paid them off, but these people are AWFUL !

    If they do this crap to you, lodge a complaint with the Attorney General of Florida and if need be the FTC. Do NOT let these people harass you!

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  • Aj
      29th of Jun, 2009


    THEY ARE ALL OVER THE Better Business Bureaur as AWFUL. If I own a management company using them for collection agency for hotel, or apartment rental collections I would NEVER USE THEM.

    MIKE MILLER IS A LIAR, HE IS A HORRIBLE EMPLOYEE. If you see this person's resume on your desk. DON'T HIRE HIM. He works for Hunter Warfield and is a Collections Manager. He was so unethical enough to tell me on the phone when I asked for his supervisor that he would transfer me, lied SEVERAL times about the CALL being RECORDED, and then said I was really going to transfer you to a subordinate and pretend it was my manager.



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  • Je
      30th of Jul, 2009

    I also owed a small debt to my apartment complex. I paid the debt but for some reason my name was put on a list to Hunter Warfield for collection. They called me to let me know I had a debt I called the apartment complex to confirm. And was told I owed nothing. So I called Hunter Warfield and then the fun began. I was put on hold then transferred with no warning three times after repeating the situation three times. Then when I finally got a person to talk to me a Rick Olson I was screamed at told that he is not customer service so I guess he did not have to be profession or polite to me since he is a collection agent. This company is unbelievable and the fact that they are are allowed to stay in business is depressing. When a lot of good companies have went under. If I found out that this is on my credit report I am so suing them. Because my apartment complex called and emailed them and let them know that I did not owed a debt.

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  • Pa
      19th of Aug, 2009

    Everyone should sue just as I am doing. You can find an attorney in the web by incertaining --collection attorneys. good luck

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  • Hd
      21st of Sep, 2009

    I too dealt with Hunter Warfield, and I experienced similar problems. I was hung up on, threatened, put on hold, and the list goes on and on. My Apt complex charged me for shutting my electricity of 6 days before moving out. They didn't take it out of my deposit; instead, they turned the debt over to HW. HW said I owed $98.00. This was 2 1/2 months after I had moved out of my apartment complex. When I asked what I owed the $98.00 for, the collector Steve Gotki or Gotti (I bet it was Gotti) told me he couldn't tell me.
    Eventually, after reading my lease, I saw that I only owed $10.00 plus the electric bill, which was $27.00. I had the lease papers, the electric bill, everything. When I called HW to dispute the amount, Mr. Steve G. told me that my disputing this "can and WILL go on my credit report as a bad credit!" When I asked how he could do that when I had evidence that supported my dispute, he hung up on me. When I called back, I got a different collector and I told her that Mr. Steve G. had hung up on me. she told me they were having bad whether where they were. I checked on-line afterward to find that it was bright and sunny where they were. She too hung up on me when I asked again how HW could tell me that they "WOULD" put my dispute down as a bad credit.
    Eventually, my apt disputed the $98.00 and I was able to pay the $37.00. However, it took a whole month to straighten the situation out, and it was a horrible month at that

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  • Ke
      1st of Oct, 2009

    I too have had the same issues with Hunter Warfield. They are trying to obtain debt collection that is legitamate on my part..I just simply dont have the 2k dollars that they want, nor do I have the 1K now and 1K next month..I have offered them 50 dollars and month and they laugh at me and hang up on me everytime. I try to negotiate things and work things out and continually they hang up on me. They threaten legal action, paycheck garnishment etc...but yet the wont take the time to speak with me to negotiate the debt...My best advice is to settle with the company you owe directly and avoid HW...Get everything in writing and keep the recepits of everything..Get a letter stating that you have setteled with the company and owe nothing...I hope enought negative publicity and complaints then this company will be avoided..

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  • Al
      30th of Oct, 2009

    I am interested in beginning a class action against this company, as well as a public campaign against such industries. I understand that they have watchdog agencies which need to correct the problem, specifically FDCPA violations. If anyone knows of anyone, or has experienced a clear FDCPA violation (harassment is the MOST difficult to prove, remember) by this company please contact me. They are attempting to collect on me with violations of debt validation, among other things (Section 809 A & B). I would also LOVE to get signatures against this company for online petitions or written petitions to their professional organizations which license them (and their CEO's). I have dealt with agencies before, this was the worst. It's an apartment debt, FYI, unverified, the last guy!

    Contact me anytime alissa.[protected], [protected]



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  • Fa
      3rd of Nov, 2009

    This gets me, they actually called me today, SPOOFING THEIR NUMBER WITH A NUMBER OF A HOSPITAL in Virginia. Shows that crooks will go through any means, including spoofing a legitimant company, in this case a hospitals number. Wait until I call the ADMIN at this hospital about this.

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  • Ev
      10th of Nov, 2009

    i agree but you should not lisen to what HW tells you why because there are pure talk and no action i had a similar situacion and they did not what to negotiate the balance i said all pay the balance i owed to the complex not the intrest they hang up on me when i call back i said i was a atty which i am and i never hear a bill collector so afread they tranfer me to a suprevisor and he was to afread they will not do anything to u then put it on your credit and they will not take this to court they will not said anything agaist you dont fall in there tricks they have no legitement prufe of the debt and they will not risk there self to get suit if they call you tell them that u are represented by and atty and that you will suit them they will not call you they will not report this to your credit and they will not persu legal accion that is all talk no accion and how to do i now that i very good friend of my works there and let me now all the inside info on the company for them to suit you they have to buy the debt from there client and then start a legal accion they dont do that from more then 2, 500 dollars and 75% of the times they close the accounts if you want to pay this pay the apartment complex never pay a debt collection agency to solve a debt they charge you more then what you owed and they rip you off advice if they call you ignor then

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  • Ri
      25th of Nov, 2009

    I received a call today - in Ohio - looking for my son - in Florida - who owes back rent an apartment complex. He was injured and out of work for several months, bills piled up and was evicted. So the claim is legitimate. The "gentleman" from HW, Reed Silverman, was willing to give me his name, , phone number and company name. When I asked what type of company he worked for, he responded by telling me he "was not legally permitted to divulge that in third party situations" - which is not only a lie but it told me exactly what he was - a collection firm. I used that and googled the company and found all of the comments above. Thank you everyone - all of the information was very helpful.

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  • Jm
      11th of Dec, 2009

    I too am now in the same situation as all above!! I am always busy at work so fortunately i have missed all the calls> Does anyone know that if i were to go straight to the apartment complex and try to deal with them instead of HW; would they just tell me it's not there problem anymore or what?

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  • Lo
      3rd of Jan, 2010

    Look, I know alot of people here including myself might not be "fond" of collection agencies but there are some out there who you can't take lightly. Hunter Warfield deals with apartment and funeral home debt as well as commercial businesses. They are legally hired by the very same companies you did business with (I.E.: Apartment complexes you lived in, funeral home etc) and they DON'T buy the debt for pennies on the dollar like all of you might think.

    They are hired to do what their clients tell them to do and that means resolving the debt their clients way NOT yours (ie.: mailing in $25 a month). This is why majority of the time the apartment complex will send you back to Hunter Warfield to resolve the matter.


    Alot of you complain about this company and make accusations of rudeness and other claims but the truth is 9 times out of 10 it's the consumer (debtor) who is the cause of the problems like rudeness, yelling, screaming or cursing. EVERYTHING is recorded and monitored there which the reps tell you upfront. It's called the "Mini Miranda". I guarantee you if I had the chance to listen to some of your calls it would reveal the truth that YOU are the cause for the problems of resolving the debt most of the time. Any rep who curses at you would be fired on the spot. When you leave an apartment many times people don't get receipts or the correct documents to make sure they don't owe anything upon vacating the apt. I didn't which made me mad at MYSELF not them.

    This type of debt is NOT like a credit card where it gets sold off to different agencies. The burden of proof falls on the person that owes it and if not it is your legal responsiblity to prove it's not owed. Always check the contract or lease that YOU signed. The debt stays at Hunter Warfield until it gets paid either voluntarily by you or involuntarily (i.e.: lawsuit, judgement, garnishment etc). You won't be able to rent another place or buy anything with credit unless this property debt is resolved. Remember there are two sides to every story and all we are hearing is one side until now.

    I have been inside the offices of HW to pay a bill and it's a classy place. You would never think it's a collection agency and believe me I have seen some hole in the wall collection places. I use to work for a couple of them. HW looks more like a law office.

    My suggestion is to do your research, work out the issue with the company and move on. STOP whining because like I stated before most of the time it's the debtor (YOU) who makes the problem.


    Customer service is for companies like AT&T, Banks etc who offer products or services they want to sell you in which you are currently doing business with. This is a collection agency who collects a debt that has to be paid by YOU.

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  • Ft
      19th of Jan, 2010

    TO above comment. There are laws protecting consumers actually. It doesnt matter if you are a quote unquote customer, there are rules of engagement that debt agencies are required by law to follow.

    What Restrictions Are Imposed On Collection Agencies By The FDCPA?

    The FDCPA restricts debt collectors from engaging in conduct including the following:


    Contacting a third party who does not owe the debt, such as a relative, neighbor, or your employer. Co-signers to the debt, however, may be contacted by the debt collector;

    Threatening to refer your account to an attorney, harm your credit rating, repossession or garnishment, without actual intention of action on the threat. Please note that a debt collector may warn you of an actual impending intention to refer your case to an attorney or to report your debt to a credit agency. What they cannot do is use a false threat to try to intimidate you into paying;

    Making repeated telephone calls or telephone calls at unreasonable times. The act defines unreasonable times as contat before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM, unless you have given the debt collector permission to contact you during those hours;

    Placing telephone calls to an inconvenient place. For example, contacting you at work in violation of a policy by your employer that is known to the debt collector or following a request by you that they not contact you at work;

    When placing a telephone call to you at work, informing your employer of the purpose of the call, unless first asked by the employer;

    Using obscenity, racial slurs or insults;

    Sending letters which appear to have come from a court;

    Seeking collection fees or interest charges not permitted by your contract or by state law;

    Requesting post-dated checks with the intention to prosecute if they bounce;

    Suing in courts far removed from your place of residence;

    Making certain false representations in association with efforts to collect the debt, including the false claim that the person contacting you in relation to the debt is an attorney, falsely claiming to have started a lawsuit, using a false name, or using stationery that is designed to look like an official court or government communication;

    Using false claims to collect information about the debtor, such as pretending to be conducting a survey;

    Threatening you with arrest if you do not pay the debt.

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  • Ft
      19th of Jan, 2010

    BT dub, Hunter Warfield is based out of Tampa FL so here are some likely phone numbers avail through the white pages:

    R Silverman

    1717 N Bayshore Dr
    Miami, FL 33132-1180

    (305) 375-0806

    R Silverman

    8225 SW 179th Ter
    Palmetto Bay, FL 33157-6127

    (305) 378-8778
    Household: Frantz H Nicoleau, Veronica A Nicoleau, V Silverman

    R Silverman

    348 NW 107th Ave
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33026-4068

    (954) 392-3944
    Household: Ronnie M Silverman

    Print mailing label

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  • Cv
      19th of Feb, 2010

    This place is the time of signing our apartment lease, i was 17 years old. My sons father was 19. Therefore he was leaglly old enough to sign some sort of contract. Now here i am 19 years old trying to get my own apartment now and i am being told that i have a balance of 1046.72 with Hunters Warfield because of this apartment. First of all, in the state of Maryland i leagally can not be held responsible for a lease that was signed when i was only 17. i just paid the balance in full this afternoon that way i can get my new apartment, lets see if they take it off my credit now!!! This place is the worst credit place ive ever seen. Usually the debt collectors are very straight forward but at least they try to negotiate with you. This place wants your money and they want it NOW!

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  • Mb
      28th of Feb, 2010

    I'm a Mom in Springfield, VA who helped her son get out
    of his lease early, along w/his 2 roomates last summer.
    He was living at Camden Apts. in Fairfax. HW started
    contacting us over a month ago w/charges that we'd never
    known we owed. No correspondance from Apt. complex,
    nothing. My son was very cooperative with HW, knowing
    that it was probably one of 3 who still owed, since he's still
    in contact w/the other roomie. Last night was the straw that
    broke the proverbial camel's back-I told them according to the
    Fair Debt Collection Act, they were to send us paperwork/
    validation notice w/specifics 5 days after the initial contact
    that was mid-january, if not before. Gentlemen said that I needed
    to request that, it wasn't automatic. Looked online again last
    night at FTC web's FAQ's for Consumers and it states verbatim:
    Every collector must send you a written "validation notice" telling
    you how much money you owe w/in 5 days after they first contact
    you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom
    you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don't think you owe
    the money.
    Anyway, I disagreed and told him the FDCA required the paperwork be
    sent to me w/in 5 days - and magic! Mike Miller, manager, has a letter on
    the way. I still felt my rights were violated and lodged a complaint w/the
    Federal Trade Commission. They explained the letter I needed to send to HW
    to get them to stop calling us. In process of doing that now. I will C.C. this
    complaint to FL Atty. General as well as to Atty. General in VA. My son told
    them last night that he understands all 3 boys are/were liable on the lease,
    that his credit is temporarily *#*#'ed up (was told this 'blotch' on his credit report
    is noted 'in dispute'), but that he does not owe or is going to pay one more dime
    to Camden Apts. HW plays mind-games w/you, plays the 'good cop/bad cop' scenario
    uses intimidation techniques that are just shy of illegal, and takes advantage of peoples'
    lack of knowledge of protocol and the law, which most 22 yr-old boys are not savvy
    with. I hated to butt in, but I'm upset, since I paid the money last summer to the
    apt. complex. I can't afford and feel I'm not liable to shell out any more $$ to anyone.
    UPDATE: A week later and STILL no validation notice!

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  • Jk
      3rd of Mar, 2010

    They just hung up on me when I told them I had never heard of the person who they had called my house repeatedly looking for!
    They are Very rude and they were not even looking for me! I don't know how they got my number!

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  • Ca
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Hello everyone..I have just read all the posts regarding this company Hunter Warfield. I agree with collectors being rude sometimes but we have to keep in mind that we are also on the defensive side when we hear someone calling us for money we owe and that we probably had forgotten about it right?

    What really drew my attention is what Evan Mendez posted. Now with all due respect Evan if you are an Attorney you sure have spelling problems. I agree with the post that states this is only one side of the story and I see this more as a support group for unpaid bills and people trying to find comfort in other peoples debts just to feel they are not the only ones who owe money in this world. If we would do everything the way it is stated in our leases, contract etc... then we wouldn't be here talking or reading this tonight would we? I know for a fact that something that debtors do best is "LIE" finding excuse after excuse to work their way around a unpaid balance or bill in order not to pay it. Bottom line people if you didn't follow your agreement then you owe the money and if you have documentation that proofs other wise then send it to the collector rep that is making you aware of the valid debt that you have.

    You have every right for the Verification of Debt and they are only obligated to send it to you by mail unless you requested in writing then you can have it faxed, emailed or whatever. Now they are also not the US Postal Service in order to make sure you receive it at your door step or PO. Box . By Law they are only obligated to mail it weather you receive it or not is not in their hands.

    SO JUST FIND THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY TO WORK WITH YOUR DEBTS because by experience I tell you one day they will catch up to you and you'll end up paying them one way or another and by then it might even affect you to get a house or anything you might need. Now I've learned this because at some point I was right where all of you are complaining and trying to justify an invalid excuse IT DOES NOT WORK.

    and one more thing stop DEFAMING stating that this company or any company are crooks unless you can prove it with documents or valid proof. its called false statements and with that YOU ARE THE ONES breaking the LAW. So be happy and Stay out of Debt and yes like another person said. YOU ARE NOT their customers you are a DEBTOR they don't pay collectors to be nice they pay them to collect money from people that never paid the when they had the opportunity to do so. good night all I have learned from my debts in the past and I hope this is of use to you.

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  • Je
      13th of Apr, 2010

    Ill make this real easy for everyone, know the laws. If you have a collection agency harassing you tell them that they are to cease and desist all attempts to collect the debt and if they continue to call you that you they will be in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and you will report them. Any agency doing collections legally knows about the FDCPA and they want nothing to do with the fines that come with the violations. If they call you again or keep calling you simply pick up the phone and don't give them a chance to speak, tell them that they are now in violation of the FDCPA and you are reporting them and hang up, then REPORT them immediately! (the FTC has the authority to administratively enforce the FDCPA using its powers under the Federal Trade Commission Act.) Find out who the collection agency if collecting the debt for, (the original creditor), contact them and work out a way to pay it. Eventually everything will catch up with you and depending on state laws if the debt is high enough they can put a lien on your property. Depending on the debt collection agencies can also lien your bank account. You wont even know its coming, you'll go to get money out or use your debit card and it will be declined. Then the checks start to bounce, see how this can all snow ball? My suggestion is dont ever let something go to collection. Debt collectors almost always receive commission in some form. They are not thinking about you, the are thinking "whats the most I can get out of this dead beat?" Even to the mangers, your just another low life on the other end of the phone taking up their time. Oh, and dont ever, ever give a collection agency any info. They tell you they need references? Yep as soon as they cant get you on the phone they will call those references and tell them so crazy story about how they need to talk to you know and they cant get in touch. They need to know were you bank, you think it might be ok because they are not asking for the account number? Wrong they want they want the info to put a bank lien through. Short of the long, these people want to suck you dry so they can get big bonus and the mangers dont care about complaints, they bonus off the collectors. Work it out with the creditor before it gets to collections.

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  • Lo
      15th of Apr, 2010

    To: Jennea,

    Thank GOD you are NOT a lawyer because if you were mine I would lose a ton of money taking your advice.

    You are correct on telling people to know the laws but you are incorrect in what you know. Let's do some corrections shall we?


    "If you have a collection agency harassing you tell them that they are to cease and desist all attempts to collect the debt and if they continue to call you that you they will be in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and you will report them".


    Harrassment is calling without a purpose and if you owe a bill than that is a valid REASON for collection agencies to call. As for "cease and desist all attempts to collect a debt" that HAS to be put in WRITING.

    I know this from experience and even though some States like Massachusetts which have laws that a collection agency can only call you twice a week, you STILL have to put it in writing if you don't want any calls to your home.

    The ONLY place they can't call if it is requested by you verbally would be at your place of employment or if you retained an attorney (which most often than not they will tell you in the end to settle the debt anyway), otherwise collection efforts can LEGALLY continue.


    "Find out who the collection agency if collecting the debt for, (the original creditor), contact them and work out a way to pay it. Eventually everything will catch up with you and depending on state laws if the debt is high enough they can put a lien on your property".


    This is YOUR advice to people? Ignore the collection agency and risk being sued? My goodnesss! You'd make a terrible lawyer or financial advisor. NO offense intended here!

    If it is a property debt the original creditor most of the time will send you back to deal with the collection agency they hired. On a credit card debt many times it is sold which means you STILL have to deal with the CA.

    Oh and just because YOU feel the agency has no authority over your debt doesn't STOP them from reporting it on your credit as a bad debt. Once that is accomplished now if it is necessary then possible legal action can be taken against the person (IE: They own property, working in a garnish able State etc) depending on the collection agency handling your debt.


    "They are not thinking about you, the are thinking "whats the most I can get out of this dead beat?" Even to the mangers, your just another low life on the other end of the phone taking up their time".

    The above statement is true and why should they think about you? The CA doesn't represent you and you're certainly NOT a customer of theirs. If a collector becomes "customer service" with the debtor guess what happens next? The bill NEVER gets resolved because the debtor wants to take care of it when they "feel" like it and/or send in whatever they want to. Ever heard of the old saying "Checks in the mail"? Yeah they have to which is why you are treated as a customer.

    The CA's are hired by THEIR client to collect a debt and are looking out for their best interest. Wouldn't you if you were a collector? Don't be a hypocrite.

    Next quote:

    "Oh, and dont ever, ever give a collection agency any info. They tell you they need references? Yep as soon as they cant get you on the phone they will call those references and tell them so crazy story about how they need to talk to you know and they cant get in touch. They need to know were you bank, you think it might be ok because they are not asking for the account number? Wrong they want they want the info to put a bank lien through".


    Most CA's have your info already lady and YOU would be surprise what they have on file because it is given to them by the very same company you applied to in order to get goods and services from them. As long as your social is a valid one that number could be run through all sorts of software to find you or ANY other extra info they may need.

    In fact there are people around the country such as attorney's who will even charge a small "fee" to get what the agency needs if the bill has to be resolved through let say possible "litigation". So don't worry because YOUR very own credit report contains information about you that could be used to proceed in collecting the bill. Oh and YES it IS legal to pull your report.


    "Short of the long, these people want to suck you dry so they can get big bonus and the mangers dont care about complaints, they bonus off the collectors. Work it out with the creditor before it gets to collections".


    Don't you get a yearly bonus at the end of the year for doing a good job? I am sure you don't protest about getting the money. Why would you deprive another American of getting theirs as well?

    I do agree agree about working it out with the creditor before it gets to collections but unfortunately MOST people don't and that is why it ends up in there. CA's are a necessary evil because otherwise companies wouldn't be able to recoop their money and we would end up having to pay more due to people like YOU who shrug their shoulders at the system.

    Hopes this helps clear the air a little.

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