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I am currently seeking professional advice on how to deal with a certain individual, Alex, at this company after filing complaints with FTC and the BBB. My credit report from 6 years ago stated that I was a tenant at Camden Sweetwater apartments in Georgia and that I owed money for back rent. I sent documents to Hunter Warfield to dispute this ridiculous claim. I sent a police report, social security number, driver's license, etc... They removed it from my credit reports. Now, this is back on all 3 of my credit reports. I called the collection agency to inform them of its mistake. I spoke to "Al". He ripped into me. He started yelling about how I just needed to pay my bills and wouldn't give me any additional info. on additional info. that I was lacking. He was screaming at me and he hung up on me. Don't get me wrong, I know that they have heard every excuse in the book, but by the off chance that I am telling the truth, this is how he treats innocent people! I was beyond upset. I filed complaints. The BBB responded back that the company is more than willing to talk to me. I called Hunter Warfield back explaining to the operator that I had filed a complaint and did not want to speak to the guy that I had spoken to a month ago. So, she transfers my call to who else-Alex-who shouts and hangs up on me once again. I was shakened!!! He is deliberately preventing me from rectifying this devastating wrong that had happened to me!! So, I call back, shakened, and asked not to be transferred to "Al". I spoke to Terry Payne who explained to me what happened with my account and that they had not received my social security number and driver's license. Of course, I am wondering what the heck happened to these very personal items that I had already sent to them. When you are a victim of identity theft, your radar is extra sensitive. She was very helpful and she actually communicated with me. They really need to consider giving Al a much needed infinite vacation as well as send him to anger management classes. As for me, I am sending my very private information that they did not receive once again. I am also seeking legal advice on how to handle Mr. Al. I needed to vent. Thanks for reading. I'll keep you all posted.

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  • Co
      18th of Apr, 2012

    IF you state the debt the debt is not yours, file a police report and submit a copy to them. This could be identity theft. They legally cannot continue to collect.

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  • Sm
      9th of Jun, 2012

    Please see my post above. Try this link. It's real. A lawyer will call you quickly. He called at 10AM today. Hope this helps.

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