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Hughsnet / rip off!

1 NY, United States Review updated:

I hate being scammed by smooth talkers. Hughesnet is so bad two tin cans and a string is a faster way to get info. My wife and i cannot even watch the damn commercials, with that carrot top saying "all you need is a clear view of the southern sky."What she should have said was " all you need to do is bend over and hold on tight" The fact that i now know that they have 5 levels of tech support, is the reason i burned up 3 cordless phone batterys, umteen hours of my time, and countless babbling with OOCHKMIN Al HOOCKALOUGGIE.

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  • Ad
      12th of Jan, 2008

    That was true and funny i have hughesnet too it s*cks.

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  • Pi
      2nd of Mar, 2008

    Yes, we are a CAPTIVE customer here. I am pretty sure as questionable at times our cell phone reception out here used to be, and how often our phone lines had too much static to hold a download of government documents, I sometimes wish we hadn't signed a contract with the only pirate in the business of internet. The Hughsnet folks.

    I'm now looking into hooking up my cell phone to the computer as I am sure it's alot better and cheaper to maintain (cost $325 to repair the system this time). Yes, two years and five service calls I have HAD it with this pathetic excuse for a satellite company.

    Now after three weeks of phone calls and shipment of parts, and finally a tech, I find the final JOKE! I apparently use the computer TOO MUCH and I am an "orange" after only one week of service! Yes, can't get the pages up for FIVE MINUTES at a time, if it goes through at all. Which means these folks clearly have TOO MANY CUSTOMERS on their satellite and rather than not take on more customers after last months fiasco with one of the satellites, they are making the situation worse and worse.

    Orange means I guess my "service" is a sad illusion, and Hughes is claiming I'm 'greedy' for service in their explanation. No, no viruses, not downloading huge files, but I DO have a company who has techs that think if the internet is running for five minutes, and SHUTS DOWN before they fill out the paperwork, then they have done their job. The tech told ME I had to get another service call or wait til it came back on (it didn't, turned out the equipment installed was bad). The SAME tech told his office I needed a pole (so the satellite dish could sit lower so I would DEFINITELY not get service as I live in a remote area with trees). Yup, I refused to pay 200 more for what sounded like nonsense and came to be determined as nonsense. I was mislead to believe a pole would be taller than my house. But what do you expect from a tech that won't admit he didn't install the system to WORK.

    Yes, I told the Hughs folks NOT to send the same brain dead tech who installed the nonworking system, and they did anyhow,... over and over again. Finally the system was...working! Yes, they had to send someone other than a guy who only knows how to install TV satellite systems! Guess two way was too much for a dish network installer to comprehend, but WHo CARES if the customer has no internet if the dish is sitting where its supposed to and he can fill out the paper fast enough to get out of the house before the signal DROPS again because it isn't done right.

    Cable company says we're too remote. Basicly I'd say if you live in a remote region, save yourself a TON of aggravation, about a grand in repairs and set up fees in less than two years, not counting the 70 a month, and just get a cell phone with a cord hookup. Bet the service will be MUCH FASTER.

    ANYONE KNOW WHO THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT IS? I am interesting in seeing if I can get more than ONE WAY COMMUNICATION ("...the system sucks... Tech: "Why no, it's just the weather." ) Maybe dates and excess fees (200 for a modem after six months of use) can be INTELLIGENTLY discussed in a court of law. Does anyone know the address to their legal department so my credit isn't screwed up by these con artists? I really need to either get them to credit me for the poor service and their chance to FIX the problem, or to be let out of the last onths of this contract I hold.

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