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It is now 11:30pm. The latest data showing on my HughNet customer usage page is 4pm. There is no hope of properly monitoring your downloads and yet you will be subject to very strict usage policies, one that will not even let you download a file as large as a show on Itunes or an update to your operating system. Daily monitoring of their usage page reveals, on average, a four-hour lag time. This lag time is unacceptable, especially on a tight table of 24-hour usage. Downloading statistics should be updated at least every 15 minutes.

This company behaves unfairly to customers in general. People who are subject to restricted use have a right to monitor their usage in REAL TIME. creates random rules with harsh punishment. I have written a new slogan for them: HughesNet... it's faster than dial-up, sort-of. Actually, between about 3pm and 12am, it is as slow as dial-up, faster speeds are achieved late night, when you are asleep.

Don't waste your money or time with this company.

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  • Ld
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I agree fully, and have approached Hughes on providing a REAL TIME (why wait 15 minutes?) monitor more than once. I always get the same the response - nothing offered through Hughes, but they are working on it. Of course, that's crap. FAP may have originally been implimented to limit bandwidth hogs, but Hughes has since realized they can turn it into a revenue generator. I've been with Hughes for 9 years, and have watch the service go down, while the push for more revenue goes up.

    I've been in the tech field since the mid 1990's, moving from dial-up to ISDN and finally to Satelite (no other high speed option in my area). If it weren't for the cost, I'd go back to ISDN simply for reliabilty, even though it is not as fast as Hughes (except during certain periods of the day).

    Hughes recongized that even common web browsing is creating greater bandwidth demands, with more and more sites utilizing flash, etc. Add to that all the other large size downloads available, and Hughes recognized a cash cow. There are more levels of service available now, and each one has a higher threshold limit, theoretically letting you download more by paying more. The bandwidth is available - if you want to pay their horrendous prices for it. But if you want to stream anything, dowload movies, etc., you will pay to get it, right? that's their motivation.

    There are real-time tools available to monitor usage, but they also generally cost money (so far I haven't found any good free ones). Hughes SHOULD provide something that, as you say, should give AT LEAST 15 minutes updates, but since the real time tech is available, that is what they really should use. My hughes usage will actually update with a 2hour lag, but you can still download a lot in 2 hours, so that's not feasible, either. The truth is they don't want us to monitor - they want us to upgrade and spend more money.

  • Bu
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Boy, you hit the nail on the head! Once they have you in a two-year contract, they can inflict the "Policy" on you as an inducement to cough up more money. I called the foreign manned service desk four times today and got nowhere.

    Another poster said she got good, fast service from this number: 301-428-5500. Pass it around. I, for one, am going to mobilize a campaign to flood State’s Attorney Generals offices with valid complaints. If nothing else it’s fraudulent advertizing. Also, the BBB and Federal Trade Commission.

  • Jo
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    Hughes net has to be by far the worst internet service i have ever used. Not only do they charge you a ridicolous amount for installation and thier 125.00 pole that is ### considering I have plenty of places to mount it. I can't get on the internet more than about two hours and my speed goes slower than dial up. And don't try and call them and have a conversation with some ###er in another country who speaks ninety mile an hour broken english which you can't understand a dam word of. I absolutely hate this internet provider, they are a rip off and all they want to help you is more money. After one month of service and the highest internet bill I have ever paid I am willing to tell them no english speaking ### to take that bill, and pole, and dish sitting on it and shove it up thier candy ###!

  • Ou
      29th of May, 2010
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    I think the fair access is a bunch of bull, as we are in the middle of 72 acres no one around us for 2 and 1/2 miles. Yet we can wake up and be suspended check usage time and it says 364 mega bites in one hour, from 6pm to 7pm. First of all no one was home at that time and with our computers that 364 mega bites it would have taken way longer than 1 hour. As they brag faster speed downloads etc NOT. We have monitored our downloads and most updates might be one or two gigs so go figure. That wasn't the only download they also said more was downloaded at 11p.m. to midnight we were in bed then again the next morning from 12 noon to 1p.m. again no one was on the computers as it was when we got online we noticed everything lagging bad. That is when my husband called and complained as this has been a problem with them continuously at least every other month we fight with them. And again the same conversation who lives next to us "no one" this battle is at least every 2 months. We don't have ipods etc nor do we download movies etc. At first the tech said we can't undo the suspended fair access that was with our first complaint. Then my husband upgraded giving us more bandwidth time. And it happened again this time the tech undid the fair access ..hmmm interesting as they said it couldn't be done. Then it happens again they suggest we monitor our downloads well we are notified when we get updates, but for a month they told my husband to check and keep a record of downloads and usages and times, funny nothing happened that month but they gave us a case number and would look into it . Now 2 months later this happens again the tech lifted the fair access suspend and gave us a case number saying they would look into it. Oh did I mention you now get a token to lift this as you have been a longtime customer. We didn't use our token. But if this was not a problem why offering of the token. Also if we were downloading all this stuff that they say we are we would be out of memory. Since they have taken over the service has been terrible but there is no other server except one and they only handle so many people and you have to keep calling them to see if anyone in this area has moved etc before you can replace them. Yes hughes net can say they are faster than dial up but not by much as my computer doesn't look like the one on the commercial while dial up is still loading. We have had our satilite for 20 yrs with direct tv and it wasn't till hughes net took over have we started this problem.
    Not a happy camper

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