Hughesnet Satellite / internet/home phone service

HughesNet Satellite is a total rip off.
I have their internet/home phone service and I've experienced everything others on this site have complained about.
There are other websites people have filed complaints on and the complaints are in the hundreds if not more.
Complaining to HughesNet is a total effort in futility.
They lie, they steal, they scam and they false advertise.
I am fed up with big corporations like HughesNet scamming people and getting by with it.
So I decided I was going to do everything I could to bring HughesNet to justice.
Here is what I'm doing. Please join in and let's bring an end to this scam.
I’m looking for people to join in a lawsuit against HughesNet Satellite, a global EchoStar Company. I have discussed this with an attorney who is very interested in pursuing this matter.
This company seems to be one big scam. While I don’t have their TV service, I do have their internet and home phone service. The bottom line is their service just doesn’t even begin to work right. Nor are they willing to rectify any of the problems. There’s even various websites where people have posted complaints about every aspect of their service.
So if you currently have or have had in the past their satellite service, any or all of their services for TV, internet and home phone, and have had the many problems that hundreds and hundreds of people have had nationwide, it is time to put a stop to their scam and make them give people the service they advertise and have been paying for.
I can be contacted at: [protected]
Please, serious inquiries only please.

Apr 15, 2016

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