Hughesnet Satellite Internetdownload speed unacceptable

Todays date is Septmeber 10, 2008

Approximately 2 1/2 months ago Hughesnet had what they called an anomaly with one of their satellites designated 93west, we were completely without internet service for about 4 full days, then when we finally got the service going again is was severely crippled and nothing like it was before the incident occured.

I was assured by their impotent India customer service that Hughesnet was diligently working on resolving the problem and the service will be completely restored, after about 3 weeks of this promise not coming to light, I went back into the case # India support farce, to see if the issue could be resolved.

I tried to explain to the service rep, that sometimes our download speeds were just barely above a 56K dialup connection, and thats not what we are paying for, he assured me we would have the problem solved before the phone conversation was over, after an hour on the phone he came to the conclusion he wasn't going to resolve the issue, and I quoted back to him his statement assuring me he was going to resolve the issue before the call was over.

They then informed me I had to run speed tests for 3 days to give them a reference to decide whether to refer me to a higher source to resolve the problem, and after the 3 days of running the speed tests, they used those speed tests to tell me there was nothing they could do because some times in the entire 3 days of testing my download speed was acceptable and blamed the entire problem on the internet being busy at prime usage times, and that hughesnet gave no guarantee as to solid internet download speeds, which by the way is not disclosed on their TV commercials.

We had descent download speeds before the problem with the satellite occured, thus the reason for this complaint is we're flat being ripped off, we're not getting what we're paying for, and others that use this service need to know this before you jump into something believing the television advertisements that are just not true, and I have printed pages of their speed tests to prove it.

I want my download speeds restored, or disclose this on your new TV advertisements, not in superfine print if its there but bold print so possible new customers can evaluate that for themselves, it surely wasn't disclosed to my wife and I.

Also hughesnet customer support in India is a joke, its basically scripted support, and when they run out of scripted guidelines your support is over, whether your problem is resolved or not, and why are we calling India for support for people in the USA???

Heres some of my worst download speeds in kbs, 94, 87, 94, 92, 79, 83, 87, 88, now is that 25 times dialup as advertised, thats not even twice 56k, so think hard about this before going hughesnet!

Very angry, David Campbell

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