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Hughesnet / sorry service/no service

1 286 county hwy 420Oran, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 573-262-3016

Have had Hughes net for 8 or 9 months now, and intiallly thought it was a great thing. Then we started haveing few little thunder storms. the service went out, called talked or tried to talk to this real English sounding name with a heavy accent, that I couldn't understand, gave me reference number and passed up to a "higher level" they give me ref. # and pass to "higher level", by this time I am sure I am going to be sent on to talk to Ho ward Hughes or at least his clone. But not so lucky I am told to call thios service agent. All and All i got service back in 4 weeks. And the service man tells me that the sattelite will continue to go out, because it has been installed on a metal roof, and something about the metal and the satelite plus a little lighting knock satelite out. The original installer did not bother to tell me this.
Sure enough in about a month, another thunder storm, no service for 3 weeks. called every couple of days and would spend hours being swithced to higher levels, never did see HOward but I think I caught a glimpse of Walt Disney. This time the service man comes and we have to end up paying him 125 dollars to take the satelite off the roof and mount on a pole.
Thought we had a fix, Right?
Nope within 3 weeks it is out again, just rain and clouds this time. called repeatedly, get nothing done, now over 2 weeks w/o service. I called them and told them to provide service by 5PM the next evening or that was it we would no longer pay them 80 dollars a month for nothing and would at that point unhook everything from the satelite. WHAT CAN WE DO?

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  • Mc
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I have had Hughes net for a few months, it sucks... They repeatedly build my credit card that they stated they did not keep on file. With out my permission they took a double payment out of my account, I was not behind and did not owe them a double payment.. but this caused a chain reacation of overdraft fees and car insurance issues, because they took money ment the car company. I filed a thing with my bank, now they keep trying to re bill me double every month.
    I finally got tired of the mess and came to an agreement with them I paid a 124. dollar payment and they wrote off 102 . dollars.. all is well right??? NOT EVEN CLOSE, One week later I get a thing on my net saying i am late with a payment and they are going to turn off my internet... LOL I call and they say it is because of that double payment I filed against.. I said I worked that out withe agent when I made the payment a week ago. They said I did not.. How funny is this.. I have to call India.. and can barely understand the idiots working for them...but I have to keep calling.. So Last night im calling them, and while I was on the phone with a supossed supervisor, (mind you I hear a lot ppl. laughing in the background) I ask my husband to please check the fish in the oven so it doesnt burn, I am then told by this woman marjorie that I was being rude and she was terminating the call.. and she hung up on me. I called back and was told she put in the notes that i cursed at her and that she ended the call... I then ask to be transferred to account specialist to just have this thing turned off.. they refused to turn it off... Saying they were going to start an investigaition and I should fax them my July bank records to show there was no refund posted to my account.. So I did that this morning and as instructed I called them this after noon, They still say i am wrong that I owe them money and they are going to disconnect me, I tell them to go ahead, they transfer me again to an account specialist, he refused to dissconnect me because my husband, who is first on the acount was not here to authorize this, LOL He told them 3 times last nite to disconnect it.. RUN FROM HUGHES NET, DO NOT EVER EVER BUY THEM, , , , THEY ARE GOING TO CHARGE ME A DISCONNECT FEE NOW TO HAVE IT TAKEN OUT.. I WOULD LOVE TO SUE THERE BUTTS OFF... BUT DONT HAVE THE CASH TO DO SO. BUT AT LEAST I CAN WORN OTHERS RUN DONT WALK, DO NOT BUY HUGHES NET...

  • Eo
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I also have problems with their service. Please contact the Better Business Bureau at That is the only way we can make sure something gets done.

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