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Hughesnet Or Nationwide Satellite / installer created damage!

1 1330 West Auto Drive Suite 200, Tempe, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-892-2434

We called for a new installation scheduled on 6/11/2007. The assigned installer's scheduler (his wife) called to see if we wanted it done early and scheduled it to be on 5/31/2007 because he had to be in Sonoita, AZ that morning for another install. My husband and the woman spoke only long enough for him to agree and to tell her to have the installer call me to make sure I could be there because he (my husband) couldn't. My husband told her we wanted it on the back of the house on the roof. She (the installer company) said that would be fine. The day of 5/31/07, the installer phoned me on my way to work and I explained I couldn't be there until 10am, which he said would be fine. When I got there, he had installed the dish on the side of my home where we plan on putting a porch and within head-walking distance. I was shocked because the dish was on the house and shocked because he was inside my home, which we hadn't even moved into yet. The builder had sent contractors over to work on the water faucets and the Hughesnet guy just invited his dirty shoes into my den to setup his computer! When I told him that wasn't where we wanted, he got huffy, said he didn't have time to fix it and would have to come back (had another install the other side of Tucson he was in a hurry for) and took it down, leaving black tar stuff on my home, big ugly holes, and tore the wood siding (it's a modular home). He was rude, unprofessional, and I tried to explain that I understood his position but that he didn't have the customer's requirements before he began the install, like he should have done. Since then, HughesNet gave me a priority number to call, which is only good with a PIN that they give out every two weeks. I'm subject to emailing a representative, who is nice, but you can tell has a caseload because she never remembers my story. They have offered to refund $320 to our credit card on file, but what we really want is for them to issue payment to the builder to have a contractor fix the siding properly. We dont' want to have to deal with doing it ourself! Oh, forgot to mention that when that guy left, I called HughesNet and told them we didn't want him to finish the install and they sent a better installer who put it it on a polemount in my backyard and we've been mostly happy, just not with knowing we have damage to our home that HughesNet ignores. Has never even sent an adjuster to look at it. They are too big, corporation wise, to take care of the customer, who is driven to being taken care of by contractors who will repeately make mistakes because HughesNet doesn't solve them and get rid of the bad contractor. As a computer technical professional manager, I would never hire someone like the guy that did our first install. He was in a hurry to get a job done so he could get home that day. Probably gets paid by the install and not reimbursed for mileage. Never should have started without the customer onsite and without discussing where it would be installed.


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