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Hughes net advertisements are false. It clearly states in ads that its super fast internet yet I have been experiencing nothing but issues and extremely SLOW internet speeds (We might as well have dial up)! I am not the only one I have been reading reforms and i agree and confirm everything that has been said on them. This is not just a problem with my own service it a problem with the company. I wanted to cancel expecting to pay a PRORATED cancellation but it doesnt matter if you have had the service 1 day or you are 1 day away from your contract ending its $400! This company is a bad service, expensive SCAM!!! They force you into staying with this outrageous cancellation fee. I am NOT happy with the service so much that even though where we live its our ONLY option I would rather go without any internet service to loose the constant headache!!! THIS COMPANY IS A NO GOOD FALSE ADVERTISING SCAM DIRTY COMPANY!!! In these times no one can afford to just pay out $400.00 its impossible!!! Something should really be done about this company! If you don't believe me read the TRUE comments of their customer not the ones writing my their faulty advertising consultants, just another false advertisement. I have yet to read anything a true Hughes net customer has to say thats good. I want a way out and until one is found (without costing me the full cancellation cost, I will be doing everything to ruin whatever name this company has left and trust me i am not the only one!!!

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  • Ai
      Oct 27, 2010

    Fistly, your rant reads like something Kathy Bates' character in Misery would have written.


    Secondly, most HughesNet customers have no idea what they are talking about, or how Internet via satellite even works. Hughes has never promised a certain speed, all of their speed claims are estimates only. Due to the nature of Internet via satellite, it's impossible to pin down an exact speed. It's a miracle of modern technology that it works at all.

    All contracts have early cancellation fees attached to them, it's ntot just Hughes.

    As far as the fair access policy goes, all of you are screaming about how uunfair it is, but who ever told you that life was fair in the first place? Whoever it was lied to you.

    Lastly, I am a "true" HughesNet customer (whatever the &#@! that means). I have had zero issues with them. If you people would read carefully through contracts before just signing them, you wouldn't have the problems that you do.

    "Buyer beware" isn't just some snappy catchphrase. Think a little bit.

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  • En
      Nov 12, 2010

    Aimee, you are entitled to your opinion. I am also a "true" hughesnet customer--been with them for four long years. Two degrees in engineering and a business owner. But frankly, the complaint has got merit. They are a lousy company to do business with. They have gotten only slightly better, but for a long time they intentionally oversold bandwidth. That is deceitful and dishonest. It wasn't until they got another bird up there working that it got some bit of stability. Fortunately, a coop is running fiber optic to our home next week and we will be done with these jokers. I am counting the hours until I can tell this so-called provider that they are fired.

    They have idiots in India for customer service that just read off a script. After a while, I figured out what they would tell me to do and just do it myself without calling them. And by the way, if something happens to the satellite to knock it out of orbit, it is YOU that will be on the hook for a service call of $125+. It happened to me twice. To anyone reading this, if you are a prospective customer, reconsider. This company deserves to go bankrupt.

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