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I just moved to Missouri with my family and was trying to find the best deal on cable and internet when I ran across hughesnet. I found their prices to be reasonable and they actually worked with my cable provider so I signed up for their services. I was hooked up to the service this last thursday. It is now only the following monday and due to a incident with my cat and where the tech put my modem in my house my modem got knocked off and fell to the floor. Now I have no internet service. I call the support number and went through several different options for them to try to fix it on their end but none of them seemed to work. Now in order for me to get my internet service fixed and before a tech will even come out to my house to fix the problems I have to pay them $125.00. Then when our bill comes in I have to pay for service I have not been able to use plus the connection fee and any other charges they want to tack onto my bill. This company is a total rip off. What ever happened to making customers happy with the products your company provides? It is not like I made my cat knock over my modem. Why should I have to pay for something that was out of my hands in the first place? I will not do it and I will be posting my story on every website that I can and the BBB to let them know what kinds of businesses are out here. I hope that the CEO of this Hughes net company reads this and maybe sees the light on how wrong they are doing their customers. If you are reading this, I hope you live living in hell cause that is what I am going to make your life into, a living hell.

Nov 21, 2017

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