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Hughesnet / hughesnet sucks

1 Little Valley, NY, United States Review updated:

Hughesnet SUCKS!! Initially, I paid like $600. to have the service installed, then $59.99 per month. Within the last year or so, I kept getting this "Fair access policy, " where they basically shut your internet down for 24 hours. Also, for several months now, my service has been slow or not working at all. I called the tech support line, where I was told I needed a new modem. I asked the tech if this would fix it, and the answer was, "yes." After paying $125.00 for the new modem, I had no change with the poor signal. I called again, with yet another person who I could barely understand, telling me I needed a tech visit, which was billable, you guessed it at $125.00. I then proceeded to call and have the service shut off. The csr asked why, and I shared the above story. She offered to waive the tech visit charge, so I decided not to shut it off. The tech came out, telling us the feeder horn? on the disk had water inside it, and was corroded. He suggested we call customer service(?) and see if they would give us a new one. I called, and the man, (with an attitude, ) on the other end told me it was either $399. for a new set up, or $100. plus a $10.00/month lease fee. I have yet to call, since I'm travelling, but you can see where this is going. Unless these, "A double S'es" replace the equipment, no charge, no clease fee or contract, they are done!

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  • Cr
      17th of Jul, 2014
    +2 Votes

    highes net should be closed down

  • Ro
      1st of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes
    HughesNet - HughesNet sucks!
    United States

    Are you kidding me? My HughesNet runs at 2Kb or about 14 times slower than dial-up, yet costs $60 a month. I can cancel my 15 month contract at a cost of $700, so you figure it out.

    The installer was so fat he couldn't climb on the roof so he charged me $132.50 which is a scam for the installer to make extra money, to install a pole into the ground. He told me to make the check out to him personally, not to Millennium Satellite. I was a DirecTV installer and am well aware of this scam. The rebate program requires copies of my invoice but I don't get an invoice. instead my business ATM card is charged every month, so the rebate is a scam too.

    So what's my recourse? I tell you how to get even with these ###. Sue them in small claims court. It will cost you about $50 to file; you don't need a lawyer, but guess what? THEY DO! They're a corporation. So they spend at least $500 to defend themselves or lose by default. First you have to give them a chance to make good, so do that first. When you're not satisfied, sue them. The installer too.

  • Pb
      15th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I agree completely. Worst internet service ever. I would gladly go back to dial up. Most of the time my internet runs at 15 - 18kb. DSL, cable, not available. No phone line at this time, but the instant my two year contract is up, I will be switching to something that actually works. No point in begging cable company to put in cable, those greedy (deleted) only want to install cable where they can sign up a few thousand people. Still, no matter what, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HUGHES NET! It is way overpriced for the service received. Should cost about a buck a month for service rendered. It should be closed down now, I doubt anyone would miss it, not like you get any connection anyway. Do not believe the commercials, I'm stuck for at least another year, don't fall into that trap. Get dial up, it's way faster, get unlimited cell phone service, it's cheaper and faster.

  • Aw
      1st of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    The absolute worst, nonfunctional bs internet on the face of the earth. Same price as cable. Fifteen times SLOWER than dial-up, and they throttle you all day long through a "fair use policy." Even when the service works, which is only between the hours of 3 and 6 AM after said throttling, the connection is generally 1.2 mbps at best, assuming fair weather, no clouds, no wind, and of course your willingness to wait up to these cuckoo bird hours for a sliver of internet. Absolute robbery.

    HughesNet is the most cretinous internet service provider on the face of the planet. They shouldn't just be avoided at all costs; they should be sued into oblivion!

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