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We purchased HughesNet satellite internet Pro-plus plan for our small business and home use after years of slow (but reliable) dial-up. We spent nearly $700 for the equipment and installation - 2 weeks after installation a rain storm came through and it stopped working. I spent hours on the phone with Tech support and Advanced Tech Support only to be told that "the satellite was down - give it an hour". I called two hours later and the second ATS guy spent over an hour on the phone with me trouble shooting only to tell me that the equipment on the dish was bad. The system is suppose to be sealed but sometimes they aren't sealed good enough and rain gets in and ruins them. He said he would issue a request for service. I heard nothing for two days! Finally on the 3rd day I called our local HughesNet sales office - thank god for them, they were shocked (allegedly) that this happened and are sending a tech today to replace our box. She also told me that no request for service had been submitted from ATS.

Before I called our local company, I tried HughesNet again and asked about a refund - I was told that we would only get $200 back within 30 days of installation and only IF the equipment was found to be in working order. Matt - this particular customer service rep. was NOT happy that ATS told me that the box must have gotten water in it and ruined the board. Matt was also rude and didn't seem to care if we stayed with the company or not.

I tried to call the Corporate office but no one answered. I let it ring for 10 minutes! We are sorry that we purchased HughesNet and now know that we should have gone with our cell phone company. HughesNet takes your money and then treats you terribly - and with the equipment terminating service after one rain - we are in trouble with this company but feel that we have no choice but to keep it or we're simply out nearly $700 bucks!

Don't go with HughesNet if you have any other option - I have two words of warning - Customer Fraud!

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