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Hughesnet / horrible internet provider & service!

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I've posted two diatribes regarding the horrors of Hughes Net. I've also read many of the complaints and it seems that almost everybody is in total agreement. If anybody out there is or has been a Hughes Net/DirecWay customer and would be interested in participating in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Hughes Net please email me. I'm just taking a POLL of people that have complained on this board to see if there would be any interest. I will not reply to your emails nor will I save them or forward them to anybody.


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  3rd of Dec, 2007
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The system sucks, outrageous pricing, fap sucks, rebate is a scam. Need a class action lawsuit!!
  7th of Jan, 2008
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I want to know how to get out of my contract with them without costing me a fortune. I can never get on line and if so it takes forever and I have talked to everyone at their call center that I can understand. First they said I exceeded my limit. How the heck could I, I can't get on line. They made me turn off auto updates, turn off virus protection, and make sure I turn the computer off Everytime I walk away. I am so sick of talking to them on the phone I just quit calling. They were supposed to send people to my house 3 times and no one has yet to come and that's been going on for 6 months. Help!
  12th of Jan, 2008
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Hughes net is horrible! We mostly surf the web and occasionally when we need to download, the FAP is put on us for not 8-12 hours like they say, but at least 24. I checked our usage and we purposely shut our computer off and unplug the connection every night. It's funny that there will be usage when we are asleep. It can be 24 minutes or 30 minutes, but noone is at the computer because it's off and unplugged from the internet. Sounds like something fishy is going on.
  14th of Feb, 2008
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I had terrible luck with the service as well. It was very costly and the service provided was not as good as my dial up connection on most days. I was told that my boys could play games on it but when they did it lagged badly and the next day they limited my service because of too much band width usage and all they did was play for a few hours.
  28th of Feb, 2008
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yep...worst ISP I've ever had, but I have no choice where I live. About as slow as dial-up, if you're lucky...constant shutdowns/restarts and I wasn't told about this FAP (fair access policy) until after it was initiated. For the money I spent....not even close to being a good value. I had Yahoo DSL before I moved - no bandwidth issues, no shut-downs or connectivity problems, all for 15 bucks a month! Hughesnet is just awful. Oh, I can increase my service - for a cost. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!
  7th of Mar, 2008
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I mailed my payment in 11 days ago and they have shut my internet off except to their site.
  8th of Mar, 2008
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The latest rip with hughes is they email you offering you the the latest modem and when you don't response they shut you down and say you need to get the new dw7000 and will give it to you for free if you sign up for two more years. I don't want it and further more Lately I only get 4 or 5 days a week of good internet speed
the rest of the week I might as well have dial up. And lets not forget the poor english speaking folks from billing or tech support who blame the weather for everything. Good bye hughes, hello clear wire!!!
  30th of Mar, 2008
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I am comp[letely pissed off at hughesnet i have the pro plan at 1.5 mb/s however was also not told about fap until it happened then after it did happen their customer service guy told me if i dont like i can pay $300 dollars to get rid of it and go back to dial-up or shut up. I filed numerous complaints about the service i called the bbb i did everything imaginable i still have it and can not get rid of it unless i pay at least 300 $ for etf. BTW the speeds i was getting were at time worse than dial up and downloads were only going at 25kb/s so not to much of an upgrade from dial up.
  4th of Apr, 2008
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I agree completely. The problem is bandwidth. Hughesnet has "outsold" their capability. I got their service techs (all outsourced of course) to agree. they won't define "peak" hrs, as it "depends" on "when you need the service". 85% of the time, my connection is so slow it won't support opening normal software programs that I need. I am not a heavy downloader, not gaming, just using normal business software. The advertising in my opinion is fraudulant. I upgraded and am paying a premium, and the speeds are slower than with the old Direcway modem. They won't excalate the problem, because there is nothing they can "fix". They have outsold what they have available! The way many people use the internet has changed, especially with the 'young' crowd...the bandwidth is being used up really quickly. we need a class action lawsuit and fast. I already have filed an official complaint with BBB, and done my homework, and have complete information.
  10th of Apr, 2008
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Hughesnet is the absolute worst ISP I have ever had.
I cancelled my subscription before the end of the first month and never looked back, slower than dial up!!
  15th of Apr, 2008
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I also was not told or did not know about Hughes Fair Access Policy until the fall of 2007. I upgraded to their best Professional Plan and never did notice any difference in service. I am discontinuing their service this Thursday April 16th and taking my chances with a company called Wildblue. I don't think they could be any worse. Stay tuned.
  24th of Apr, 2008
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I cancelled yesterday! I upgraded to 7000s in November because I supposedly had no internet connection because I was exceeding my fair access. I'm not sure how I did that because I was not able to access the web! Since November it's gotten to the point of no access at all. I have called tech support many, many times and it's always the same, our system/satelite is out try again in 4 hours. For the last two days I have kept a running list of times and codes I was getting as I tried to get on. I called them last night and after being transfered for 2 1/2 hours I told them to cancel it. They informed me I have 8 months left on my subscription so it will cost me $300.00. I told them since I paid 69.99 for 5 months of no service I feel we are even! Sorry you still have to pay, so I'm looking into what I can do next.
  2nd of May, 2008
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I heard what you guys said and honestly, you guys are full of doo doo. How can you say you lost lot's of money with business? You can't be making that much money to afford to lose that much business. If you have, you would've bought a T1 connection that is faster, reliable and more consistent at speakeasy.com. Go check it out. Pay for the damn install and pay $359 why don't you? If you're losing that much money and making so much money why not get a T1? That is what I'm talking about. You guys contradict and are hypocrite. I am a Verizon Fios customer and I love it every chance. My point in arguing with you guys because I happened to stumble this page and found you guys complaining which I have a friend who installs Direct T.V. and knows a friend who installs Fios. They said the same thing, why don't you guys just live in the city area or suburbs instead of in the country side? If you already into the contract deal. There is always a way to get out of it. Cancel your damn service. Why keep complaining? I still see the same people complaining on this damn board and yet they're still Hughes Net customers? Wow, seriously. Don't give me this excuse that they're the only choice you have. Nobody put a gun to your head and say you have no choice? This is America. Learn to make the right choices. If this is freaking slow than dial up. Then go to dial up. Prove that it's slower than satellite. Stop eating hays and raising corn fields. Learn to move with the technology. If you are not happy with the crappy service. You have a choice to not get any internet service. All these complaints don't serve any justice because it's been up since 2006. If you feel that you've been ripped off, then why sign the contract? Why go with the contract? Don't give me this crap you didn't know what you're getting into when the complaints are on-line and you had dial up before this service. Oh and I love the complaints about India, it's not like you rednecks who live in the boonies are pure Americans. How bout learning not to eat pork and beans and farting in a can all day and speak real American English for pete's sake! Move!!! If you know it's expensive to get this service then save your money and move and get VERIZON FIOS OR COMCAST! Stop making babies within families and living in remote location where King Kong and Tarzan can be found. Learn to associate with people because God forbid this board serves as your communication. Oh and last but not least. Who the hell would use an ISP e-mail provider? I've always use Google's G-mail, yahoo, msn or hotmail. They're free and way better! You can always use Outlook with some of them.
  9th of May, 2008
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Well I personally think that Mr. Verizonfioslover is nothing but a miserable person that doesn't understand what makes this country great. The last time I checked people weren't growing crows in Manhattan or are you confusing reality with I am Legend. You did I miss the herd of cattle grazing in Central Park the last time I was there. Grow up there is a serious problem with Hughesnet that rural America is having. So when you are sitting there playing your playstation online with you Verizon Fios remember when the dinner bell rings that you food wouldn't be there without the sacrifice of others. Unless you know someone the can run fiber out to the country get out of these peoples faces.
  6th of Jul, 2008
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Verizonfioslover--you are the exact reason I packed my little red neck bags twenty something years ago and moved to the country. What a piece of work you are! Geez if we could all be so bright. Maybe if we got rid of all the farms and ranches like the one I live on--you could grow your crops on your roof-top in New York or something? Maybe you should think about this next time you are chomping into a nice juicy steak or greasy hamburger or enjoying the salad bar at your favorite restaurant. Where in the hell do you think those "VIDDLES" came from, you stupid ###?

Since you seem to think it can all be solved by just "moving" why don't you do me a favor and move your ### somewhere else so no-one has to be subjected to your BS. Try Mars. I hear the foods great there.

BTW--your comment about getting with the technology cracks me up. I would daresay I could beat your yo-yo brain on all levels of tech and could easily adapt to city life again if I wanted to but I would bet that you couldn't spend one night out where I live without going into store/service withdrawels, you big sissy.

Think about what would happen to you if you lost all services, including power and water, couldn't go to a store, talk on the phone or rely on the corner grocery for your food for weeks at a time. Been there done that several times in my thirty years of country living.

Last year, we had a power outage that lasted over a week on account of a snow storm. Cooked on the woodstove, colder than hell, well is run on a pump, so the generator came in real handy. Always have to wait because we are last on the line, because (and this is pretty much universal) the power companies always get the heavily populated areas up and running first. I am sure you are thinking industry needs. You would be wrong. My brother-in-law, a mucky-muck with one of them, stated this; "Power has to go on in the cities first or they freak out and all sorts of things (LOOTING, etc.) can happen. Here in the country when the power goes out, we HELP each other.

The way I look at it is this. I have, for years now, managed to do without a store within an hour, people right up next to my house (we have several acres) dumb-### like you, smog, keeping up with the Jone's, gangs, etc. I put up with the occasional bear knocking over my trash-cans, deer in the road, snow and occasionally ice, power outages every winter, trees down in my driveway that always seem to take down a line when they fall, muddy boots during calving, dusty scratches during haying, sheep ### getting tracked into my house, and windstorms that would make you think you were going to visit the land of Oz. Every summer we have the threat of wildfires because of lightning strikes and cougar have come right into our barn and killed our livestock. Every night the coyotes sound like they are right outside my door and I have lost a faithful cat or two to them. Yesterday--I found a black widow hanging out on one of my lawn chairs and I am sure if I went out in the back pasture near the ridge--I could find a rattle snake. Still--I would prefer any of these natural predators and annoyances over having to live in the same area with someone like you.

BTW--Hughesnet DOES suck. Who cares that you are a dealer (Obviously) I have had it for over two years because cable and DSL and clear blue, etc. are not available out here. Hell--we don't even have fibre-optic phone lines out here. The bottom line on HughesNet is; they are advertising something they are not supplying and I seriously am not a sue-happy person, but I would jump right in to get at them

As far as their out-sourcing--I have to agree with you--just about every company does that now and I have had some excellent service from India. I try to remember there is a language barrier and they are as frustrated as I am, and proceed from there. I do get as pissed as the next person, but I try not to take it out on them.

Please know this Verizonfioslover --I am not downing every person who chooses to live in the city--just you. I have lots of city dwelling friends who are awesome people and I get pretty excited about going to places like San Francisco because it is such a different cool place to visit. But then at night when I am done being wowed by the city lights, I look up and miss home big time. Nothing beats stepping outside on your deck and gazing at the stars, unobstructed by lights, housing, noise, traffic or any of the other things that make them sort of obsolete in places like LA and San Fran. Can't beat the real thing.
  11th of Jul, 2008
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My inlaws have had HN at their ranch for over a year now and I am always hearing from them that it is really slow. I did some research and tried to figure out what could make it so slow. They had AOL dialup before HN and were somewhat satisfied. From my research I figured out that there is a sizable lag from the time you interact with you computer and when the headend back down on earth will start to send data back your way. So that could be part of the frustration that is being experienced. Everytime I am out there I run speed tests from different places and most of the time get 3-4 time dialup speeds. I know that the speedtests are not completely accurate because they are mostly optimized for cable and dsl connections. I think they understand this, but most of what they are doing is in small bursts that take way too long with HN. If you are downloading a large file you don't really notice the lag because it only happens at the begining of the interaction.

Here is the real kicker that prompted me to complain here and anywhere else that I could. I like to vent I guess. A month ago, HN sent an email to my mother-in-law for an upgrade of the modem installed. So she called them and got the new modem on its way and signed up for 2 more yrs of service.

The modem came and this last Tuesday I was out there to install it.

The modem was "connected" okay and I installed the CD on the computer. I started the registration process and ran into a failed registration. I did all the things techie ppl do and it still failed. So I called HN support and got a lady in India. She was to say the least, very hard to understand. She bumbled around and tried to give me some setting for the latitude and such and verified some other things then had me check the signal strength. Well it was saying strength of 15 out of 100. I was on the phone with her for 45 minutes before she gave up and shot me to "advanced' tech support. Well at least this level seems to speak English. This guy was really not interested in helping much. He gave me a few more setting to try then told me that a service person would have to come out and there would be a trip charge. I got a little hot over this one and asked to speak to someone that might care. He told me after another 30 minutes, I could call sales and talk to them. I told him there is no reason that the old modem should work and the new one wouldn't unless the modem was faulty. He assured me that if the modem was faulty I would not have gotten as far as I did with the setup. So I told him I wanted to connect the old modem and have him stay on the line until it was working as before. We did that. I called sales today and got a very nice young lady that must have been in training. She had to verify with her supervisor everytime I asked for something to be done or had a question that she didn't immediatly understand or know. So I went down the path of not wanting to pay for a service person to come out to install the modem when I had already tried. She really could not understand that it was not a physical problem with the modem install versus the configuration information that I was being given that was not working. So HN would not budge on this one. They finally told me that the new modem would only work with the new satellites and had to be installed in conjunction with a dish repoint. Well that makes sense. Why didn't that get announced somewhere during the upgrade discussion. So my next thought is whether I needed to really go to the new modem. I asked that question and after a long consultation with the supervisor I was told no. Then I asked about whether I need to send back the new modem. The first answer was yes if you are under a committment. Well a new 24 mo commitment is part of the upgrade so I asked it HN would pay for us to send it back. Another long consultation with you know who, the supervisor came on the line. I was about to change course and ask for a letter stating everything that had happened with the upgrade and a guarentee that we would not be charged for anything and would be conpensated for any charges related to mailing back the new modem. But the supervisor came on and said the committment will not start until the new modem is activated. So we will see how this all pans out. I am not sending the modem back, they said we could "set it aside". Ebay here I come. OBTW I got the supervisors name: Laura
  12th of Jul, 2008
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The above posts about say it all. I also got the new modem, the 7000S, in Jan '08, but did NOT sign a two-yr contract. I chose to buy the modem in hopes that some day soon someone, anyone, would offer me internet access faster than dial-up, the only other service available to us at this time other than Hughes.net. I did, however, upgrade to the Pro plan for $79.99 a month. Wasted money!!! Tech said yesterday that the only thing the faster service gives you in a higher POSSIBLE speed but doesn't mean you'll get anything faster. In other words, the maximum speed number goes up but not your service. Also, the modem has a 1-yr warranty, but if they can't help you via the phone, Hughes has to send a tech out, and that's NOT covered under warranty and cost me $125.

Long story short - new modem and new Pro plan, same numbers, when I'm lucky, as I had before all upgrades. If anyone pursues class action lawsuit, please contact me as I'm tired of paying 4 times more than the slowest DSL offered by AT&T and getting at least 4 times less.

Tech also said yesterday, paraphrasing, that Hughes is trying to get more frequencies now because a few users are using up all of the bandwidth which is why those of us on here aren't getting what we're paying for. When I got transferred to billing trying to get compensated for some of the $700 I've spent this year alone, I was told I could speak to Advanced Support which is, indeed, someone American. After 45 min and being put on hold again, I got disconnected and was directed to call the toll free number again.

PLEASE BE IN TOUCH IN THE EVENT SOMEONE GETS A CLASS ACTION SUIT STARTED. I don't have the time at the moment to take the bull by the horns or I'd be spearheading this action myself, but I am absolutely interested.

  14th of Jul, 2008
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I, too, live in the country where dial-up is the only alternative to satellite service. I started with Direcway and have had service for close to six years. At first, it was great! It was fast and I never seemed to have a problem - except for weather or if snow collected on the dish (it's mounted on my barn). I have, however, experienced slower and slower speeds, have violated the FAP several times, and now I haven't had service since about June 23rd, 2008, while I was out of the country. When I returned, no internet service. I have a DW6000 modem and the lights are lighting up correctly. (I could get much more technical, but as far as this writing is concerned, it doesn't really matter). You see, I've been told by Hughes that my DW6000 modem is "no longer supported" and the only way to fix my problem is to have a Service Tech out and the DW6000 will be replaced with the new HN7000, a new dish installed, pointed, etc., for $125.00 with NO service commitment. Since it seemed like the only thing I can do to restore my service, I agreed. Today is July 14th and the tech is supposed to show up tomorrow. Now, though, I am concerned because I have a friend in my area (south central Iowa) who also has Hughes.net with a DW6000 and he was told the same thing! The original tech told me they suspected my dish was hit by lightning. Now I suspect that Hughes is just trying to make some extra buck$. I have always had the top service level (Pro), but have always been suspicious that I'm really not getting everything I pay for. For almost $90.00 a month, I need SPEEED and a Static IP address for my own business as well as for my access to my work systems in Des Moines. One thing that really concerns me - the DW6000 uses a "web acceleration" technique to speed up pages - FORGET THAT IF YOU NEED TO USE SSL (Secured) WEB PAGES! I need to update online catalogs and that's all SSL Encrypted stuff. I can't! It's too slow and the server that hosts my online store times out my connection so I can't update my product catalog.

This is extremely frustrating and I actually think dial-up would be faster than what I'm getting! I'm going to go ahead and get the HN7000 and new dish put up (can't wait to see the installer's face when I tell him I need the cable buried - the dish is on my barn - the modem's in the house - oh... about 200 feet of cable (and trenching!)!! HOPE IT'S HOTTTTTT TOMORROW! Going to get him to earn that $125

As far as a CLASS ACTION: Count me in. A couple people that I know in my area are trying to get our Iowa Attorney General's office involved (they got Microsoft, ya know!).

Happy Surfing! (NOT!)
  14th of Jul, 2008
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First of all...in reply to the idiot that posted on https://www.complaintsboard.com...screenname: Verizonfioslover. You need to get all the facts before blasting others. Hughesnet DID NOT and DOES NOT explain anything about fair access to the consumer prior to installation. It is only after the trouble starts that you hear that term. I have 15 different case numbers from Hughes Net...so many I couldn't keep up. Yes I HAVE cancelled my service and recommend that anyone else that has them that chooses (as Americans have the right to do) to live in the country not to use them. My dial up AOL is faster. I have received the bill for the $299.95 termination fee AFTER mind you being told by Hughes Net CSR's that they could and would waive it...then only to be told they have no record of that conversation. I have forwarded my complaint onto the BBB as well as recommend that others do so. As far as the Class Action YES count me in. My main problem with them was not only the lies about the high speed and the lousy customer service it is that I could never understand them half the time because no one speaks clear English. I am not a prejudice person but I should be able to understand what people are saying. I intend to forward all of my information to my personal attorney as well. Everyone keep me posted and good luck!
  21st of Jul, 2008
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I'd really like to see a lawsuit. Hughesnet is terrible, and I can't wait to get an apartment in the city so I can have a decent ISP.

Oh, and by the way, Verizonfioslover: It isn't exactly easy to cancel the Hughesnet service. It is a long process and they'll charge you $300 - $500.

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