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Hughesnet / ripped off

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I was tired of dial up as most of the complaints have written about. So I decided to go with hughesnet. Boy was that a mistake. I was at home when the installer put the system in and was at my pc when he fired it up. Took about 30 mins to load everything. Tools ect. So we decided to do a speed test. I had the pro plan, 1 meg down 200 kb up. The test did all of 192 kb down and 8kb up. I said hold on thats not right. Installer said it would get better in an hour or so. Back to surfing the net for an hour or so. With it dropping packets worse than dialup. The hughesnet website would not even come up with in 5 mins.

So I call tech support after the hour or so was up. Some guy I could not even understand tried to help me. I asked to be put on another sat. He said no. No help there we hung up... So I did another speed test 3 hours later (Around 11 pm) it was 200 kb down 12 kb up. I call tech support again. Same thing no help. Was told it is a shared service. I asked this guy so what do you tell the guys paying for the elite plan at 189$ a month for 3 megs down and they get about 300 kb? The tech said the more you pay the faster it is but its still shared. That sounds like fraud to me.

So I stopped payment on the 400$ check, canceled the service after contacting them 4 times in 24 hours I was told no we are not going to do anything to help you get better download speeds. I sent a letter in to the better business bureau. The bbb is still working on the complaint as we speak. I did receive a phone call from hughesnet asking me what happened I told that person the system is junk and it is fraud what you guys are doing. The person said well I checked the records and you never got to executive customer care. I said ya think? Maybe after 4 phone calls and telling the last tech I was going to stop payment on the check canceled my account (Which took about 2 seconds for them to do) maybe one of you executive persons should have called? I got a blank answer to that. I asked what happened to the customer is right policy is it dead and gone? She said no. I said yes it is have a good day.

So now I owe 199$ for something I don't even have. Plus I took the satellite system off my house and took it back to the installer myself. Now they want 300$ from me because I didn't return it. Errm yes I did back to where it came from.

Do not fool with hughesnet unless you have 400$ to throw away.

Raped ape.

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