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Hughesnet / email is in the dark ages!

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I had my email under Direcway for 4 years until somebody, without my consent and without amending my service contract, switched it to "" Now I cannot relay email, nor can I use another ISP to receive email. Under Direcway, I could use a local ISP which was on all of my stationary and internet accounts. This ISP had an excellent Spam and virus control which I could set the sensitivity and delete the spam myself. Now, I have no idea if there is any spam or virus control with because they have no settings for it. In my Eudora account which defaults to a "dominant" personality, will not allow the relay. In addition, they claim that some of my recipient's email addresses, one of which is my nephew, may have been forged and refuse to deliver the mail! I have tried to talk with techs from India, who even a Hindi couldn't understand, and he was hopeless. It is a mess and a breach of the original contract that I had with Direcway! I am prepared to set up a blog to fight these incompetents. If you want to help, pleas email me - although you may get a message that my address has been "forged."

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  • Sk
      8th of Jun, 2007
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    We have had DirecPC, Direcway, HughesNet since they launched and have upgrading along the way.

    Yes, there is some latency compared to cable, but speeds are like DSL.

    I guess I think about the fair access policy kind of like a utility company managing their electricity or water. If your neighbor turns the hose on and lets it run, they reduce your water pleasure not allowing you a full blast in the shower. Just like the water or electricity, there is a limit to any service - it is not unlimited. And just like with water, if you want more, you pay more - though there is still a limit. Hughes seems to want to make sure 99% of the customers have access to good steady service. Just like we have had for about 10 years.

    In Satelilte, Wild Blue, Starband, all have FAP. Recently, cable and DSL co announced they are going to actively manage their networks for the same reason. ATT DSL also has a FAP policy. Wild Blue's is a nightmare where you could end up after one download, down to dial up the rest of the mo. Just like the capabilities of the internet - there is a limit to bandwidth - thus effort by webhosting firms to continue to compress content and improve experience and delivery.

    Why should a few people take the utility availability away from many? The few people who complain, should just buy more service or get a download manager to manage what they want to download.

    Do they get made when CA takes your electricity to run their air conditioning and you get brown out or can't run yours as low as you would like? Grow up!

  • Ll
      9th of Jun, 2007
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    We are just in the process of signing up for this service, and your site has scared us beyond belief...

    Is this really all true?


  • Ku
      9th of Jun, 2007
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    Yes, most of what is said here is true. I am on 13th month with Hughes and when I started out, the FAP was 350Mb for my package . I recovered at a rate of 56kbs a minute ( I believe) , once I hit my limit. They recently changed their FAP to a 375Mb and a 24 hr recovery. NOT exceptable! Sorry.

    Wild Blue does have limits but if I wish to download a gig of operation system disk (Linux) then I can , without taking two days to do it.

    I can't recommend Hughes to anyone now.

    The old FAP was OK. The new one is.....well..... what do you see it as?

    Kurt Allbright

  • Ti
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I only wish I had checked these reviews before wasting $900 on a Hughes Net System and Installation. I cannot tell you how bad this system is. The Fair Access Policy is a joke and especially since it is never mentioned when purchasing! I feel duped! How can they get away with their advertisements? Stick with dial up, it's faster. Also, customer service is a joke. Can barely understand the person on the other line as it has obviously been out sourced to a 3rd World Country! At best, an hour a day before being hit with the 24 penalty for the FAP! Save your money and don't be lured in by these people. It's an expensive mistake, but I got out after only 5 days and at least I will not be obligated to $80 a month for the next year! Run, don't walk away from Hughes net! It will be the biggest mistake that you will ever make! How can these people even be in business???

  • Wi
      25th of Jun, 2007
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    I tried 3 internet download speed tests tonight, and they all timed out, so I am not sure just how slow our HughesNet is tonight, but evidently ---- pretty slow. If you could get the download speeds they claim, your service would be cut off in about 3 minutes, because you would exceed the FAP limits. We can no longer tell why HughesNet is so slow--- weather? FAP? traffic? --- we just no longer care, day after day it is so slow it is frustrating enough to be unusable. People talk about getting 60 kbps with HughesNet - this may sound crappy, but it would be a dream for us! Ours has never run that fast. We have been tempted to cut the wires from the satellite dish and to try splicing them into a phone line!
    HughesNet service told us the DW7000's are faulty and need to be replaced. The service person showed up 2 weeks late and told us the DW7000's are fine, and ours is working "really well" with a strong signal. Geez I'd hate to see one of these things when it's not working.

    Here are some helpful recommendations for HughesNet users to help avoid the FAP police (telling us we didn't read the FAP policy isn't helpful, particularly since the FAP keeps shrinking). Turn off images in your internet browsers options --- you will get used to image placeholders. Set your browser to NOT check for webpage updates when visiting web pages you have visited before. Bookmark a list of text-only webpages in your favorites list, and visit only those. Delete any media players from your computer, including anything that runs Flash, Java, music, video --- this will help reduce your bandwidth use. Check all links before clicking on them to make sure you do not accidentally click on any media links. Avoid playing games (solitaire on your C drive is OK, as long as you don't download solitaire), don't use iTunes, don't chat, don't instant message, don't download MP3's, don't subscribe to RSS feeds or podcasts, don't fileshare, don't give anyone your e-mail address, tell friends and relatives to phone you but do not send you e-mail under any circumstances, do not sign up for classes that require you to use the internet, do not set up internet banking services, do NOT randomly surf the internet but instead call companies on the phone and ask them what their webpages are like and if you can get paper copies of their catalogs mailed to you, if you have company throw and they ask to use the internet or check their e-mail just throw a tablecloth over your computer and tell them you don't have a computer, don't use your computer to do anything you can do with your television set or telephone --- for example, don't watch news videos on your computer, don't check the weather on your computer, don't watch YouTube on your computer, don't make hotel or airline reservations on your computer (no PriceLine), don't run internet updates for any software programs or hardware drivers on your computer, and be absolutely certain to ask everyone at work to send out paper notices about meetings rather than e-mails. I hope these constructive suggestions help you all avoid the FAP, although it has not helped us.

  • Ro
      6th of Jul, 2007
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    Just a note to let you all know how greatly appreciated your information is. I'm not as savvy as I'd like to be and am looking into satellite service. It is a great thing to be able to see what others have experienced and recommend.

  • Li
      10th of Jul, 2007
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    In May 2007 our new "upgraded" modem stopped working after several hours. It took several WEEKS to try and get a service tech out to our house to repair or replace the modem. I spent countless hour on the phone with non English speaking technical support reps who kept repeating the same "scripted" information each time. Finally I lost my temper and demanded a supervisor. After the rep got snippy with me he finally transferred me to a supervisor who flat out told me that since the modem appeared to be the problem, it was our of Hughes' hands. It was up to the supplier to fix our problem. Correct me if I am wrong but I pay my monthly fee to Hughes, not the supplier. Our local supplier here in NJ is actually in PA, several hours away. The woman who answered the phone at Commonwealth Communications informed me it would be 10 days before an installer would be able to come to our house. That's not acceptable! After days and days of speaking with different supervisors, I found a phone number on Hughes Electronics website for the office of the president... guess who I called?? I got the president's office and the woman who answered transferred me to the Executive Customer Service department where one of those reps attempted to resolve this issue. This issue still is not resolved. It is now July 10th and we have finally received our new modem but have not have a chance to install it or get it commissioned. While our satellite internet was down we had to use a dial up (got the free 30 days with Net Zero which was way more reliable than Hughes), Hughes said we could use their dial up as a backup but that never worked surprise, surprise.

    Hughes provides terrible customer service. Their monthly fees are a bit high and I don't feel they hold to their end of the bargain. We have filed a complaint with the BBB (Hughes responded to their letters rather quickly... kind of like sucking up) but that's where it stopped. Now our email has been down for over 24 hours. Per the message on the CS line... they are experiencing a degradation in their email service and their engineers are working to fix it. I think they need to hire some more experienced engineers.

    We have been very unhappy with the service, or lack thereof that Hughes attempts to provide. We live in NW New Jersey and DSL is not an option and cable is way to expensive to run up our road. Our hands are tied with Hughes at the moment and we feel they know this so they can treat their customers any way they want.

    In addition to the BBB I filed a complaining with the FTC and the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. My next step is to file a complaint with the state Attorney General's office.

    Hope this helps any one who may be considering Hughes. DON"T DO IT!!! I'd be thrilled to get in on a class action suit if there is one.

  • Al
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I have been using for a couple years now, and i haven't been more P.O.'ed in my life! Seriously, when I started using the provider the upgrade from dial-up seemed great. I had previously been on dial-up and I actually had 2 phone lines for a while which was great other than the fact that with 6 people in the house, only 1 person could be on at a time and still be able to make calls.

    We only got satellite as an upgrade because in the rural area we live in, we couldn't get cable from town or wireless without any "direct-line-of-sight" since we were in a hole. So we tried and thought it great at first although we got it late and had winter only a month after getting it. But even with snow we still got a weaker signal and we could bear it. but after spring finally arrived and the speed didn't get better, we called the "repair" man to fix the problem... The man was nice and worked for a couple of hours which we could also stand since they gave us the service for free. after he left the speed was great for a couple days then it dropped again, though not as much. so far we hadn't heard about the FAP and we were having trouble figuring out the problem, but it wasn't horrible yet.

    So through summer spring and winter again we trudged through the problems until the next spring when we had the same problem as last spring. so we called the guy again and he came out for free again (I guess this was rare when I read the other comments), but he fixed the modem again and re-aligned the satellite and switched to the 7000 modem from the 6000 for free. everything seemed fine except for the few problems we normally experienced. I'm not sure, but i think this is when we learned of the FAP for the first time, the guy said we should get about 170 Mbs before crossing it then having to wait 4 hours to reset, but this was a problem considering some of the residents of the house constantly had friends over and crossed it almost daily!!! so when this happened and the internet wouldn't reset for about 8 to 10 hours, we called the help-line and asked what was happening, and to out DELIGHT we learned the reset for crossing was supposedly 8 hours, and was only for if you didn't cross! (however that works!)

    A couple more months passed with us trying not to cross the thresh-hold even with 4 computers surfing constantly so it never really worked, and we barely could stand it any longer, one of the residents moved out to live in an apartment with a friend, the speed almost doubled! (HUH!) well now we all had faster internet so we were happy for a few week and the speed was great, (i know... no complaints about this part) BUT!!

    So a few weeks after the departure of the resident the internet Died!!! I don't know what happened or how to really fix it, the internet just stopped working for a couple days and we were all really REALLY P.O.ed now. But now, just this day, we got it to work slowly, (at a demoralizing, creeping pace for this SO_CALLED, HI-SPEED SATELLITE INTERNET ACCESS!!!)


  • Jo
      19th of Jul, 2007
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    When i got this faster than lighting service thought i was getting a good deal!! But after they got my money i found out i got screwed!!! Class action law suit yes i am in as a matter of fact i have contacted my lawyer and he says if i can get 25 ppl to file it with me!!! Directway or or what ever they call them self are in big trouble if we stand together on this and not only put them out of business but we could be rich to boot in any case we would get our money we spent back!!! If you wanna contact me my email is [email protected]

  • Jo
      21st of Jul, 2007
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    Theres still time to get in on a law suit if we band together we can beat them!

  • No
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    I pay $100.00 a month - the speed is slower than dial up. I want out, not sure how to go about it.

  • Ka
      26th of Jul, 2007
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    Darn!!! I was really hoping there was a problem with the system that would be fixed - after reading all these messages it seems I'm in the same boat. I got the dish in April - wasn't happy with the installer but after his second attempt he did do the job right... even though he wanted to charge me to come back to do the job correctly - I even had to read to him what was considered a normal install as he tried to tell me differently... after that, I was thrilled with the speed - after dial-up it seemed really fast. I was on the phone with tech support twice the first month for email problems...then everything started slowing down. This month (July) has been just terrible. Last week I spent about 5 hours on the phone with tech support - the problem would be fixed for one day then back again. This week I've spent a couple of hours so far. A tech came to my house this week - nice guy but didn't know how to fix anything and said that since all the lights were working on my HN7000S that everything was good. I still cannot send any emails or upload anything. This has been going on all month. I thought it was just my problem but as they say, misery loves company - so I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I'll sign up for a class action suit. I don't even use the computer as much as many of the other people do - I do not download music or movies, I mainly use it for email purposes and a little browsing. Today I've been disconnected from every site I was on - hopefully I'll get this out before it just disappears!

    So folks - lets get 'em. I'll call the Maine Attorney General's office tomorrow as well as the Better Business Bureau and anyone else I can think of. I'll cancel my credit card too so they cannot charge that anymore! They can come and get the dish - it is useless. I hope these reviews save others from the rip-off the rest of us are experiencing.

  • We
      30th of Jul, 2007
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    I agree with all of you. something needs to be done about Hughesnets horrible service. Their new FAP is a piece of [censored]ng s**t. My god you think you have broad band and yet they limit you to less then 500 meg a day?? Wtf is that s**t? Doing the normal things like youtube, movies, streaming and being able to upload at a sustained 38K per second (a megabyte in less than a minute) mind you UPLOAD something hughes cannot even do properly and in a stable manner. If anyone would like a person to sign up in a class action lawsuit please email me I'd be more than happy. I've been an unhappy customer for 3 years only because there is no other internet I can use.

  • Je
      6th of Aug, 2007
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    Sign me up on the law suit!

  • Ri
      7th of Aug, 2007
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    Two months ago we received a Hughesnet information mailer, called the number and were told by the salesperson that if we paid up front ($299 for the dish, modem etc. and $199.99 installation fee) we would get $10 off the regular $39.99/Mo. price or $29.99/Mo. When we signed up I asked that we be billed for one year in advance or $29.99 x 12 = 359.88 (I hate monthly payments). The installation went off without a hitch. Our credit card was first billed $582.00. $498.98 for the dish, modem etc. and $84.00 for - - who knows what!

    Then we found out that instead of billing us $359.88 (or $359.88 less the unexplained $84.00) for the one years payments in advance, we found that they were billing our credit card for $59.99/Mo. A monthly charge of $59.99/Mo. was supposed to get you double the speed of the $39.99 (full price) speed we were receiving.

    So it has been a double ripoff. No $10.00/Mo. discount for prepaying and half the speed we were being billed for!

    It was installed 4/26/07 and today, 8/7/07 for an extra $300.00 I had them disconnect it. $1001.98 for just over two months of internet service! Do you think I'm angry? Stay away from Hughesnet.

  • Ri
      7th of Aug, 2007
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    Just a P.S. to my prior posting. I have no legal experience but does anyone know an attorney who would like to take on a class action law suit? It appears that everyone on this complaint list, and I would bet many others, would sign on.

  • To
      21st of Aug, 2007
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    My wife and i have been discussing using hughes net for our internet service for several months and had finally made the decision to "go for it". I'm extremely grateful to the hughes net customers that have taken their time to tell of their terrible experiences with this company all of you have helped my wife and myself save a lot of money, heartache, frustration and time talking to some idiot in another country. Someone that will do nothing more for me than tick me off and raise the old blood pressure. Customer service is vital to my family for using a company that will be for a contract time period. I can't even to begin to describe how i would feel talking to another person half way around the world that does not understand my tennessee southern drawl or their 7-11 simpson's dialect. We may just stay with dial-up as bad as that is. Thanks again!!!

  • Ro
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    Has anyone contacted a lawyer yet? Does anybody have sufficient legal knowledge relating to our ability as consumers to file a class action lawsuit? I truly think its worth banding together on this issue. One person can get the run around and the cold shoulder. An entire community of pissed off consumers can make something happen.

    My service ha ha is once again down --- I've gone through two modems and now need a installer to show for the third time since MAY! I've been down at least two months in total and now since last Friday and still no installer or phone call from them...

    It amazing how these id*ots / fe**ns are in business. This is the worst service I've ever had in my life and I'm sixty. Their wait time to speak to a "customer service rep." has never been less then 30 minutes and never resolves the basic problem the speed and reliability of their system just is NOT happening.

    Dial up is better and sincerely more reliable.

  • Bi
      1st of Sep, 2007
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    After 2 years with Hughes slowband, Brighthouse is bringing their cable out to my area and as soon as it is available Hughes can kiss my a** because i am gone.
    Road Runner is faster and cheaper than what Hughes calls broadband, This is false advertising...

    My granddaughter tried to use it for a online course at burt course uses video's, The first day she hit fap and moved to her mothers house where she uses her mothers Road Runner and is extremely happy with the results so now I don't get to see my grandkids.

    Anyone thinking of signing up with Hughes better read these posts and make an informed decision of whether to use them or not.

  • Sa
      5th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Wow, I sure am glad I decided to research Hughesnet before I called them! We just moved to the country, where there is no DSL, and the previous tenant had hughesnet, so we already have a dish installed, which she said we could have. (Now I see why.) My neighbor also just got hughesnet installed and says he loves it. (Talk to me in a few months, buddy.) I think I'll look into wildblue. Thank you for this site!

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