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Hughesnet / theft, illegally resticting usage!

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We have had since directway as well as direcway TV. The TV service has been dropped but as for the ISP its was all that was available for us. (A all to exploitable situation of a mjority of its customers) Well thats no longer the case amen.

The weather interruptions, the iced up dish and the year round garden hose fix are gone. But the service never provided anything near what was advertised. It is not even twice as fast as dial up and uploads... That it is advertised as high speed alone is proof enough of theft.

The technical support has a uncanny way of securing its own, and the customer suffers the consequences of this. They nuke your browser and let you find your way back to the servers or call tech support most all other isp leave a notice that such has accorded.

This off shore corporation "American INC." IS VERY DEFENSIVE. This complaint is being type up on a computer that is not currently connected to Last year about this time if I were to try and type or surf to any kind of consumer sites the page would not load or the browser would crash. It took several system recovery's and weeks to finally get to the Federal Communication site and form which upon being half completed the browser crashed that is how well they track their customers as they keep an identical copy of your machine on their servers. Unfortunately for the next day. The first thing on the Feds site that loaded was my uncompleted form and miraculously I was able to finish and send it with notice of reception. The first of which I was able to do well being a disgruntled customer! A little over a year and a half!

Immediately after this form was filled out the service went from being deviant to some what usable. They harass and sabotage their disgruntled customers like no other using allowing groups of their "loyal customers" and technical support to do it. They obviously make quite a bit of money out of dropped services with their 15 months "free sabotage" plan. I can not even keep track of the software that they figure is not secure enough for their service as you would never be notified it just would not load or work correctly.

The installer loaded a "pocket" disk into all the involved computers on the network which the ADMIN comp ran 45 minutes! Come to find out there was no need to install any software and resulting keylogging and root kits were dealt with for over 3 years, these programs had Dell stumped for over a year and the computer is pretty much useless today. If you were to have to log in for any reason , account info, e-mail you eventually lost control of the computer and the techs would nuke your machine with no notice or the hack would do it to.

If its all you got . You have my sympathy. If not the only people they really answer to they will keep you from communicating with their that bad, their illegal.

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  • Ti
      22nd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Ditto to all other complaints here. Want to know how to change it? Dump them, as I plan to do soon as I get my ducks in a row! Thats how you get things done wherever you live. When it costs them money, things will change. I got by without internet for 40 years. I think I can still. I cant hurt this company, but, damned if I'm gonna help them anymore!

    I suggest if you are reading this because you are as dissatisfied with HughesNet as much as I and these other disgruntled people, YOU SHOULD DUMP THEM TOO!! Why pay for lies and scams???

    We have to stick together as consumers!

  • Za
      6th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    you should get a mac in place of the dell. lol


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