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Hughesnet / crappy service

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Do not ever sign up with hughes net!!!
They are the worst ever, had them for 5 years and have had to buy something new every year that cost about $1000, "oh sorry your warranty just ran out", two years it was a new modem once a new transmitter, was suppose to be a 2 watt, but the installer put in a 1 watt, what a fiasco trying to get that resolved. The installers they send out are just a bunch of bumble#s. (Pardon my french, but its true.) one tech wanted to increase the wire size between the dish and my modem so the web pages could download faster on a bigger wire. Silly me, I fell for it, cost me $600 and I had to pay the tech in cash, he didn't give me a receipt. You probably know more than they do, like calling india for customer service, oh did I say customer service?? It does not exist in this company. Have consistently gotten dl speeds of less than 60kbps, for the last 3 months. For $100 a month, we have gotten slower speeds than a dial up modem "oh, we are working with it, no we don't have authority to switch you to a different transponder, no we don't have authority to switch to to a different satellite" I am about four crappy speed tests from going back to dial-up, it is definitely about ten times faster than hughesnet crappy service. Five years of frustration is just about enough. We had starband for four years before this, they were as bad or even worse. I would love to find someone who would sue the hell out of them. No they are not getting a cancellation fee out of me, our time limit is satisfied.
Don't ever but hughes net or starband!!!
If satellite is your only choice, stay with your dial-up service.
Want to sue 'em, e-mail me
Please don't buy hughes< everything bad that has been said about them in previous posts it true.

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  • Mu
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    OMG! I am so glad I found others that agree with me on how much Hughes net sucks!!! This is my story... been wth them for 24 months (2 years) and always had problems with customer service (if you can call it that!). Recently been having major problems connecting and always having to refresh every web page and then some! Went thru the required channels, etc. customer service, then tech support (which is a joke) and was told first it was "my computer" and needed to get a computer tech to check it out. After finding out there was nothing wrong with puter, was told it was my network card, after replacing that was told it was my router, after replacing that was told it was my modem.!!! After a long crappy ### process with tech support as I'm sure you all know sucks, I was finally sent a new modem which I had to pay 145 dollars because my warrantly ran out (conveniently of course)... Tried to install the new modem but could not because the dish was not aligned correctly and could not get a good signal. Then was told I needed a technician to come out and re-align the dish and it would cost me 120 but after speaking with 3 or 4 tech support people about this I was transfered to "advanced tech support" and was told he would waive the technician fee. The technician came and re-aligned dish and set up new modem (which took over 2 hours) and left. Thought all was well but then the next day, still having same problems with getting webpages to load and having to refresh every other minute! Needless to say, I was even more pissed than before. I was so sick of them I wanted to cancel service and go with new service I found out about, Wild blue. Requested refund of 145 which I paid for new modem which still did not work and wanted to return it and cancel service and get refund for new modem. Also, am told I need to return old modem or be charged an unreturned equipment fee if not returned within 20 days. The problem though was that I received the new modem but it was not able to be hooked up until 3 weeks later. I am in the same situation as others living in the boonies with no other choice for internet service. But I did find another company called Wildblue that will provide same service at cheaper rate and better customer support. So I called tech support and was on phone for over an hour, first with billing, then tech support, then with account management, then back to tech support and then a superviosr. But during this phone call I was put on hold 15 minutes between each dept. then spoke to supervisor who again put me on hold to review my account (which they should have already). Because I was on hold for sooo long, my phone battery died and I could not connect to same person again!!! I want to return the "new modem" and cancel my service. But this was asking way too much apparently. They say they will not refund my money and gave me a bunch of ### answers why not. I looked up the terms and conditions portion on their website and found a paragraph referring to returning equipment and cancelling service which stated customer would receive refund on receipt of returned equipment. I pointed this out to them but was still denied. I apoligize for this lengthy story but I have been dealing with them for over a month because of limited access and have been bounced here and there and given over a dozen case numbers and spoken to so many departments with bad accents and still getting nowhere, it was great to find others with same opinion. I want to sue them, or do something to stop them from messing with others as they have me. I am not an idiot and am in customer service, bookkeeper, payroll rep, legal asst. and jill of all trades person and it just kills me to see these people get away with this ###!! I hope others will share their stories and we can stop them from taking good peoples money and getting away with terrible customer service, tech support, etc.!!

  • Mz
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I didn't Google Hughes net for the bad I was so happy that someone would service my area that I was all abroad and I got them Jan. 8, 2010 and within my short time in being with them things started looking funny I hadn't received no information at all from them and then i couldn't connect so I called to find out why they say I had went over allowed 200mb for the day which i wasn't aware of at all until I called in then when I got to register i found out that they had charges me 10.00 in tax i was pissed because i had already been charged 168.98 (99.00 activation+ 59.99 1st month + 9.99 leasing the box) I have been kicked off the internet and told i could pay 5.00 to get back online when kicked off I was so upset I told them to cancel my service because it was not making sense at all so the next day I called and found out nobody would service me so I had to crawl back to them and that cost 25.00 more dollars to do that then I was online less than 1 hours i was kicked back off and had to watch 24hr to get my service back up and running when it did come back on they told me that i had downloaded something which was impossible since my laptop was locked in my closet so they say that someone must have broken threw my router and was using my service to the guy restored and once again it was back down so I called back and didn't talk nice at all i was ready to threw the towel all the way in but I got a nice guy that got me back online and upgraded my sevice and 30 extra days to try the service and 2 weeks of free service but the only problem is I was backed off line so when I get back home I am threw they told me I had to send back the stuff I was coming around to agree on sending the modem and cords back until they told me that I have to send back that dish I told him them that if they want that dish send somebody out to get it and ASAP and there better be no more charges to my credit card. Sorry to ramble but HUGHES NET is CRAPPY STAY AWAY from them

  • Jo
      27th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I paid over $300 for a new satellite dish and modem from Hughes Net in 2008 when my old Hughes modem no longer worked. I pay $73. a month for high speed service. I have called technical support on at least 35 times since installation of the new system complaining about my slow speed service. In the past three months alone, I paid over $600 for another new modem, technical support site visit, a second tech support site visit and replacement of the dish radio transmitter, which was not necessary. The highest level of Hughes technical support, level IV, said the solution to my problem is to buy ANOTHER, upgraded modem. What a wonderfully enlightened technical analysis! I am not convinced that that will solve my problem. When I routinely work one web site that requires working with numbers, Income Tax Returns on the IRS site, it takes up to 75 seconds which is a lifetime when each line on a tax return requires a new number. I was promised a one month refund, whoopee, but did not receive. I would not recommend Hughes to anyone.

  • Sm
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I recently got Hughes Net and I'm not happy with it at all!!! The service is horrible and I constantly have to "re fresh the modem" and it takes forever!!! Hughes Net has been a waste of my time and money. Thanx to their crappy enternet service I got behind on my school work. Oh! And customer service...what a ###ing joke!!! I have had enough of their ### and plan on canceling first thing in the morning. I should have asked around before getting Hughes net but Direct TV refered me to them and I trusted that I was in good wrong! I just hope that I get some kind of refund. Does anyone know of a good enternet provider who doesn't give you ### and allows you to talk to people without terrible terrible accents? I have a lot of school work to do and I live far from town any suggestion are greatly appreciated. P.S. I'll make sure and warn everyone about Hughes Net and prevent them from going through my situation.

  • Mu
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I switched to WildBlue satellite service and am very pleased with them. There was a small mistake on the billing and what was offered for price so I emailed them, received a quick response and a follow-up phone call and all was fixed no problem!!! Check them out..

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