Huggiespoor quality diapers

I have always trusted huggies for my daughters' diapers but this time I am extremely disappointed at the quality
I bought a 180 pack of a size 4 diaper the Mickey Mouse range from Walmart
I first noticed that they leak from the sides by the second hour, then all over my baby's clothes overnight wetting the bed as well, and there has been no change in the amount of urine .
I even took pictures of the diapers, whose front part shows a poorly fitted and bent in front Strap where the side flaps are supposed to stick onto
The side straps are so friable and easily tear off
I have a lot number and batch number PA816308B
At 21:00
I am very displeased, since I still have an entire case to go through and I feel like I've lost my money on this entire box
I hope you can solve this issue so that I can continue to use Huggies without worry as I always have
Thank you


Jul 27, 2018

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