Huggieshuggies size 4 box

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My name is Amanda, I writing because I'm not sure who else to go to. I was recently put on disability from my job and I get paid every two weeks when I get paid I like to stock up on diapers seeings that I womt get paid for another 2 weeks we'll the last TWO packs of diapers I've gotten are the biggest dissapppinents ever considering the diapers just won't stick together. I have 2 other children and used huggies with both of them and never had this problem so hoping something in the shiemt aybe got wet or something to cause the diapers to come apart. I usually would let it slide of it was just a diaper PR two but considering the past 2 BOXES (which are not cheap) ad this problem I wanted to contact someone and see what can be done about this situation as I am already struggling ams this just adda more stress. Thankyou again, Amanda.

Feb 01, 2017
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