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Huggies / huggies little snugglers diapers

1 Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Hi there! I have a 20 week old son, and have been using Huggies products from day one. I prefer Huggies to any other brand out there for diapers and wipes. I love the little snugglers! I recently purchased a big box of the "new and improved" little snugglers (green band diapers) and they are awful!! They don't fit my son snug enough (at all) it seems as though the elastic is no good in them, so not only has he been deficating through them but urinating as well. It goes through the diaper, clothes and sometimes blankets. The amount of clothes I've had to change and wash in the last two weeks is more than what I've done in the last two mths and it's all because of the diapers! I've had no problem with the regular little snugglers diapers, it only seems to be an issue with this one box of "new and improved" little snugglers. Not sure if my diapers were defected in the factory or they're supposed to be like this but they are NOT new and improved. They're worse than any other diaper I've ever tried! I'm very upset by this, seeing as though diapers are not cheap and because they've been opened, I cannot return them, however I refuse to use them.
Please let me know if there's any way you could help a Huggies fan!

I've attached a picture to show you the difference in the leg elastic on both diapers. The one on the left is the new and improved little snugglers green band, and the one on the right, is the regular little snugglers diapers I'm use to using! You can clearly see a difference in the elastic between both diapers!

I hope to hear from you soon regarding this matter.

Thank you,



Oct 18, 2018

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