Huggies / huggies little movers diapers

I started with the huggies little movers size 3 about a month ago and my daughter started getting fussy when I would try to put a new diaper on her. I noticed she had red raw marks at the top of her thighs which she had never had before when we were using the huggies snugglers. I just thought maybe it was a little diaper rash and put some aquaphor on it. However, the rashes wouldn't go away and this morning she now has actual little raised, angry looking cuts in those spots! I am so upset because my little girl was fussing and trying to tel me it was hurting her but I didn't realize how the diapers were actually cutting into her sensistive skin! It is obvious now that the diapers are causing this most likely due to stiff purple tabs because where those tabs hit on her thighs is exactly where the cuts are. I have also looked online at boards where other mothers have experienced the same issue with these diapers. Something needs to be done.

Mar 10, 2017

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