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Hope Mills, NC, United States
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First I'd like to say that I'm so disappointed. I just wrote to give a pretty nice complement the other day about your diapers. And now not only in one diaper but eight (That I found!!) of my diapers in a 32 pack had glass in them. Broken, sharp pieces of glass in these diapers. The first one I found with glass in it was when my daughter started crying right after I put her diaper on. Opening the diaper I saw glass and scratches on her. After that I looked through the rest and found more. I'm completely appalled about this, it also could have cause more extreme harm to my daughter. She's also only 4 months old and if there was a serious issue she wouldn't have been able to truly tell me!! I would like for something to be fixed and settled between myself and Huggies! I would rather keep this to be settled between us and I would like to be personally contacted with a resolution as soon as possible.


Jun 09, 2017

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