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Extremly upset with your diapers and wipes. I have boxes and boxes of Huggies for my newborn baby, diapers of many sizes and wipes, and I wish I would have NEVER bought this brand. They're absolutely terrible. I can't tell you how many times I've had to change my baby's clothes because he went through your diapers. And I mean I'll change him, and 20 mins later, I have to change his clothes because of it, it's not like I'm leaving him sitting in a dirty diaper for hours. But really, 20 mins later and I've got to change his clothes because of that, TERRIBLE.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kenosha, WI The wipes are even rough! This is my first baby and I thought huggies would be okay, but boy was I SO wrong!! Even the gel stuff that's inside the diaper comes out and gets all over him, and then I've got to give him a bath and then change his clothes AGAIN. I'm ready to throw all of these boxes of diapers and wipes in the garbage! SO upset I've wasted so much money on all these boxes of diapers, $50 for a box of diapers and $15 for wipes, & I can't even use them because of this issue. And I'm talking OVER 5 boxes each. I've had other moms tell me now they've had the same problem with this brand, and they have written and complained to you guys and you haven't done anything about it!
Definitely going to Pampers. I bought a little bag of diapers/wipes from them a few days ago, and not once has he soaked through one of their diapers, and I haven't had to change his clothes once! I will definitely be buying their boxes of diapers from now on.

Jan 13, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    It sounds like your little one has a very healthy bladder! If he is peeing enough every 20 minutes to soak a paper towel, let alone a diaper, that is WOW! Many babies do not pee that often or much, depending on how old they are. Don't blame the diapers too much. If baby wasn't flooding them they would hold up. :) Huggies are not bad diapers over all. And all brands have complaints so it is hard to really compare. I can tell you one of my kids used Luvs and the other Pampers. One was allergic and one was not. Go figure.

    On a side note, try continue what you are doing. If your tyke is flooding his diapers, that is actually a good thing. You might need to put training pants on him, or try to train him to use the potty, again, depending on how old he is. All in all, unless he acts like he is in pain, or his urine has a strong color or odor, he seems fine. The diapers, well...if those don't hold up, it is doubtful any other brand will unless you double up on them. :)

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