HSN / flexpay

I made a purchase on Home Shopping Network and selected flex pay as the option for payment. Shortly after I received an email with payment confirmation, and the money was taken from my account. An hour afterward, I received another email that my order has been cancelled. When I spoke to a customer service rep, he stated that the flex pay department is responsible for cancellations. He also stated that he had no information to provide, and that I would receive a letter in the mail. The cancellation is fine. I made another purchase at QVC for the exact same items. The issue and concern I have is that my account was debited, and an hour later my order was cancelled. I do not understand why HSN is OK with taking the money from someone's account prior to evaluating for flex pay eligibility. Nor do I understand why they do not specify that the flex pay is subject to approval before they allow the purchase to be approved. The money was removed from my account, and now I have to wait 72 hours for the funds to be released. This is ridiculous. Most reputable companies check for eligibility of credit before they debit an account. I am furious, and now I have to wait for my money. I will never purchase from HSN again. I am reporting to the BBB, and I will spread the word to friends and family.

Nov 28, 2016

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