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HSBC Bank / sickening behavior

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I have been a HSBC Credit Card holder since April 2006 until Feb 2007.

In the bill of July 2006 for Rs 27941.22, I disputed an amount of Rs 2195, upon which I called their Customer Cell and they asked me to pay the balance and they would check out the disputed amount. After a few days the amount was proved correct and I paid up the amount, of course.

The problem started thereon. The bank charged me Late Payment Fees and other Charges on the Full amount of Rs 27941.22 instead of only the disputed amount of Rs 2195. I again called the Cust Rep and asked them to reverse the charges which they refused. I sent them a letter but to no avail. Each time I called up, I was made to hold for sometimes 30 minutes at a stretch and in the end it was the same story. I wrote another letter but still they refused to listen saying that I was supposed to pay the full amount and then ask for the clarification on the disputed amount. I repeatedly kept on telling them that their Cust Rep had not mentioned this and he just told me to pay the balance minus the disputed amount. They insisted that this was not true and I even gave them the name of the person I had spoken to but still they refused to reverse the charges.

After going through this disgusting experience I flatly refused to pay the unjust Late Payment Charges. I sent them the amount for the subsequent purchases I had made alongwith a final letter informing them that I no longer wanted to continue doing business with them and no longer be subjected to further humiliation of this sort. This was on 13th Feb 2007. The last purchase by me thru this card was on 11 Dec 2007. Upto that purchase I cleared all the dues.

Since then I am getting bills every month with amounts that have Late Payment charges upon Late Payment charges. And I am getting Abusive and Threatening calls from some people who state they are from the Bank. Two persons came to my building and buzzed on the intercom stating they were from the bank. I told them that if they have the Bank ID Card, one, only one, of them could come up and meet me. Upon this they made some excuse and went away. After that the calls have become more frequent and abusive.

I cannot tolerate this kind of sickening behavior from any business house. I hold other Credit Cards and I have had no issues with them. I am not some offender which the bank feels can be treated so disgustingly. I have disregarded their periodic letters but this kind of obnoxious behavior, I will not tolerate. I want to know what are the option open for me to end this disgusting episode.

Thank you,

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  • Li
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    My name is Linda Vu I am a student at University of Greenwich. I was recommended by a friend to invest my student loan into a mini cash individual saving account (ISA) in HSBC.
    On 29th March 2008, I opened the mini cash ISA and invested £3, 000 in cash. After I received a letter which confirmed that the account was successfully opened and that the total amount invested came to £3000.

    About six months after, I decided to a visit a different branch of HSBC to check my balance as I have never received any statements since the account was opened. On the screen, it indicated that I only had around £1000 in the account, which I had deposited into my account a few times in the time I opened the account till 6 months later. It showed that the £3000 I had invested had not been deposited or withdrawn.

    With this on my mind I went to the branch I opened my account with in Dartford and ask to speak to the manager but was told he was too “busy” to see me. The person who spoke to me replied that the money that I invested when opening my account was not there. She then said that the manager would get back to me regarding the issue.
    I returned a few days later as I had not been contacted about the issue and therefore asked to speak to the manager only to be told he is too busy to speak to his customers. I was then told to talk to another member of staff who said that they will be investigating by checking all the account, speaking to the person responsible for opening the account “Tom Kazza”, and by checking their CCTV security system.
    I was then told that the manager will definitely contact me within the next two days.

    I was not surprise at all when the manager failed to contact me which made me have to go to the branch for the third. Again I was told the manager was yet again busy so I had to speak to the sales manager who said that the £3, 000 transaction was not made on any accounts in that branch on Saturday 24th of March 2008, their CCTV camera did not go back 6 months and that they do not accept cash on a Saturday. The sales manager also indicated that the person responsible, Tom Kazza, was new at his job. Questions were going through my mind such as “why was he allowed to open mine or any other customer accounts and take our money?” and “Who else has he done this to or is going to pull this stunt again?”
    She also said the letter of confirmation I had shown is not regarded as proof and wanted my account statements to prove I had that amount in my account.

    After being told this, I took a trip to the police station to inform them that Tom Kazza or HSBC has stolen my money, I showed my evidence that I had £3, 000 in my other account and the letter confirming £3, 000 has now been credit to your account.
    I was told by the police that HSBC do have the CCTV that goes back to the time my account had been open. In order to open mini cash ISA, I would have needed to deposit money onto it, so therefore how could I possibly open my account on the 24th of March and have a letter confirming I had opened it and the amount I put in prove not to be enough evidence. I was told that in her opinion it was enough proof. I was then advised to go back to the branch to get a letter, which should say that no transaction of that amount was made, and bring it back to the station so that they could investigate the matter.

    The HSBC branch in Dartford has been very unhelpful leading to a very distressed and an unhappy customer. Each time I went there, I was told the branch manager was too busy to see and that he will contact me and unfortunately happened three times

    When the new manager Hayley Lowe finally investigated the matter she sent me a letter confirming there is no evidence £3000 was credited into my account, of course I was extremely angry so I called up the head office where they said further investigation will be required. I then went into the branch to talk to Hayley to understand what investigation she had done, the only thing she done was talked to Tom Kazze who said “he remembers me and that I did not credit no money in” and that no account within the branch received the £3000, however to open a ISA account you need at least £1 in order for your account to be opened, of course the manager said you don’t need to put no money in, this is when I asked for a leaflet which she went and got, read it, and annoyed “yes you was right you do need to put £1 in but you don’t really” what kind of response is that? I then demanded for another investigation as Tom Kazze or another member of staff has taken my money.
    I gave her my Halifax statement to prove I had £3000 in my account during the time I opened my ISA account. During the three weeks after the interview, the senior manager Rebecca Kemp called me up saying they are investigating the matter and can look at their CCTV the date I opened my account.

    The 11th of November I receive a letter from Rebecca that “the declaration letter handed to you at the time of opening your account had incorrectly stated the subscription amount and, have fully investigated the matter, I can confirm that we did not receive any funds from yourself on the day opening the account” I imminently called her up to see what they did to investigate that Tom Kazze has taken my money, she replied she has evidence that I did not cash in no money via investigating Tom Kazza again in front of he’s manager and looked at the accounts, this is the same investigation they did before, I keep on repeating you said you was going to check your CCTV, Rebecca replied “we feel we have enough evidence from Tom admitting he’s done a faulty on typing in £3000 and checking all of the account” this is not a fully investigation that he’s taken my money and I have not been treated fairly as a customer as I replied many time did you check your CCTV as that’s the evidence I did give Tom Kazza £3000 in cash, Rebecca kept on saying “for the final time we have done our fully investigation!!” this is not including the CCTV. I kept on asking “but have you checked your CCTV” and she said “for the final time we have fully investigated the matter” then rudely hung up the phone on me! She would not answer my question as she has not investigated the issue fully. I am a very unhappy customer who has been distressed and emotional for the last 2 months as they have not been treating me as a individual, refuse to give back my money that I invested in and I feel as I am being discriminate due to my age of being 20. Tom Kazza has taken my money please help!

    Please contact me on 07809879949 or email me on for more information. I will be happy enough to do interviews.

    Thank you

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