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HSBC Auto Finance / problem with getting truck registered, can't get a straight answer why

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I bought my truck 6 months ago, had to register it in Feb .but could not because this company has not got there paper work straight, I have called them every day for the mmonths. I get different bullcrap stories every time, I’m very pissed off I paid 15000 for this truck I would have stayed with chase and paid them with out this mess. All I want is a damn copy of my title so I can. the nh state attorney told me to hold payments in my bank until resolved, they now tell me they faxed me a copy of title for the past week, everybody knows it only takes 10 mins still not a dam thing...I want some answers . I go to work at 4am and my wife has to bring me that’s bull, that’s not right when I have a new truck just sitting there I cant drive because someone cant get there fingers out there but. there is no need for this I have never been late on a payment until this matter with this company and as far as I’m concerned they owe me 3 payments. for the past 3 months and still waiting and stress...I guess if this is not fixed soon I will be calling the bbb next !!! And my attorney said he will proceed with taking things over I don’t want all this bull I just want my truck on the damm road please I need you help ASAP, join j danforth acc#[protected]

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  • Er
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I am having the exact same problem. I refinanced my vehicle with them, both of them actually. I had to return my plates to the State of CT b/c I moved. I informed HSBC a month prior and now, I am paying for a car I cannot drive. Everytime I call I am told something different. They claim to never have received a fax my husband sent with our social security cards and licenses, if they didn't get them who did? I am also in the process of contacting an attorney. My husband is out to sea and I informed HSBC we cannot re-fax but he can email from the ship, apparently we can't do that b/c they dont have email addresses which is ironic b/c they had email addresses when they emailed me my loan packet. I never ever would have refinanced with this company had I known they were so messed up. Any idea how to escalate? Someone PLEASE HELP! There has to be someone from customer service that is from the US and not India (which is a whole other issue in itsel[censored])

  • Jo
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    kinda the same situation and my ex girlfriend bought a truck 4 yrs ago.i was the buyer and she was the co-buyer.we went are seperate ways 3 yrs ago and she claimed bankruptcy 2yrs 2 yrs ago i the buyer tried to make my truck payment online and i couldnt i call the number they gave me and they told me she had claimed bankruptcy (co-buyer) and that i wont be able to pay online 0r get a monthly statement until the bankruptcy was dismissed and that all payments made would go strictly to the principle, which i the buyer thought was i continue making my payments and phone calls every few months to check the status of the account.i didnt like the fact that i was paying for something and not seeing my balance go down, but really couldnt do anything about it, atleast thats what i thought..i then went to the same dealership i got the truck from and told them i want to refinance the truck for the remainder 5k owed on it so i can try to remove my exgirlfriends (co-buyer) name completely off of they the sales guy comes to me and says that i am denied for the refinance because i have a repo /bad auto debt on my credit right now i am furious.i call hsbc and they say that its not a bad debt or a repo and they want to me to pull my credit report and fax it to i do that and they tell me that they are not gonna take it off of my credit report but yet it still shouldnt be the truck gets towed the very next day for a parking violation at i go to the police department to get the release form and pay the tickets and the clerks there tell me this is not my vehicle that i am not on the title and that i cant get it out and that i should call the i call the bank and after a few hours on the phone they tell me that i am not on the title and that they will send me the title along with a form to be added to the right now at this point i am furious, i have been making all these payments for a truck and the titles not even in my name and my credit shows a bad debt for i go to the dmv and have them pull the paperwork on the truck and show them the original carbon copy buyers agreement and the lady there tells me she never seen anything like this.she prints a copy and shows me what she has which was the same exact buyers agreement except without my name or i asked for a copy and she told me she couldnt for privacy a few days later the overnighted title comes i then go to the police department with all of this paperwork and credit report and payment history of the truck and was in the for 2 hrs trying to figure this out.the clerk there was awesome.she gives me the paperwork that the dmv has(which i am not suppose to have) and she tells me "you didnt get this from me".she then goes over them with me and i quickly noticed a a signature that wasnt somewhere along the line my signature was forged a few times and i am wipped clean from it.this all supposedly happened the day we bought the truck atleast thats what the date says that could of been doctored up after taking all this in in a very short period, i decide that i dont want the names not on the title or buyers agreement that the dmv has, i owe the bank the bluebook value and to top it all my credit screwed with a bad debt even though it wasnt a bad we come to the conclusion i am not gonna sign the title because if i do i am on the hook for the remainder of the balanc and it will still show as a bad debt on my now i am fighting with hsbc and talking to transunion about this matter, because how is it on my credit report and i am not on the title and or buyers agreement that the dmv has.this all happened within the past week and i will return with a post on the outcome.any advice would be appreciated.thanks for being an ear for me to vent my frustration

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