H&R Block / HRB Digitalmistake by agent on my state tax return

M Mar 07, 2017 Review updated:

i didnt get my state tax return and it was filrd on feb 11. i called on the 28 to check status it was sent electronically on the 28th yet i still havent received it and i thiik it went to someone else h and r block needs to give me my 264.00 refund i was only offered 60.00 and filed a complaint with attorney general i paid h and r block 342.00 to do my taxes and i want my state tax refund


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      Mar 11, 2017

    I have been using H and R block tax software for years. It is best to print out your state tax return and mail it to the proper state. This is because some states require other forms that is not electronically sent because that state doesn't allow it certain forms to be sent to them.

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      Mar 11, 2017

    @Treads04 i had a preparer do my return she input not enough numbers on account and system let it go

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