H&R Block / HRB Digital / 2016 tax prep fee charged me

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I went to your office in Sun City California again this year (2nd time) I have used this office. In 2016 I was charged $140 for my 2015 year filing. This year 2017 I was being charged $463.50 for my 2016 filing. After I raised the issue of being over charged they lowered the fee by only $100. I feel this increase is way out of line given the fact that the 2 returned were identical. Monica Golden did a good job but time spent was only 45 minutes in total.

Your offices should advise a client of this large an increase before they start work, note: no extra work was required this year, no additional schedules needed. I raised this point to Paula Cannon, EA who I believe manages this office to no avail, she stated I had received a special off last year??? Both these women were very helpful, polite and professional but to the tune of $366.00 per 45 minutes, CPA's don't even charge at this rate. I will seek services elsewhere in the future due to your excessive fee schedule.

Mar 23, 2017

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