H&R Block And Emerald Card / lies

Kansas City, KS, United States

I applied for end of year loan and after years of dealing with H&R block and their bank was denied and when I asked if it would be the same thing .for tax time with the rapid refund they told me no I would have no issues. LIE they also denied me this after 8 years of no problems. Now I wait 8-15 days which I could have saved three hundred dollars doing my own taxes but because the bank it self told me I would have no problems I paid h&r block the money. When I was denied and called them they informed me this was happening to lots of people this year. funny they did not tell me this befor taking my money! The emerald card real joke I have used it for years noe thy lost my direct deposit pay and I am going through HELL to retrieve it!!! I do not recomend this service to any one who has not yet started

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