Hp Slate 7 Tablet / poor service

Centurion, South Africa


I would like to lay a complain about the poor service I have recently received from both Vodacom and HP. I took out a Tablet contract by Vodacom. Not even a month old and the camera stopped working. I immediately go to Vodacom with the hope that the will sort this problem out for me and they rather give me a number to phone of HP because apparently I have to deal directly with HP to sort out the Tablet i Have on contract with Vodacom and Not HP. Fine enough I contact HP and the assist me in getting a form etc to get the device fixed or replaced. They dont give me proper guidelines as to where it should be replaced at nothing. I then go back to Vodacom with the Tablet in its packaging, everything required to replace the Tablet, and they tell me that they cant replace the product, I must go to HP or they should collect it from me. I have NO cooking clue where HP is etc so how must i replace the device?? I then contacted Both HP and Vodacom, complaining about this poor service of them and request that they terminate the contract. Vodacom tells me that I have to pay an amount due to the contract being prematurely terminated. I asked them why i should pay for a device that doesnt even work. I just feel that it is NOT my duty as paying customer to sort out a device which I took on contract from Vodacom being the service provider and HP. It is not my duty to sort out a faulty device I got from Vodacom on my contract. I am fed up and don't know what else to do and feel that my last resort is to take this matter to Radio 702. To me this is unacceptable how I have to sort out the mess Vodacom and HP caused.


Sep 10, 2014

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