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Hp Pavillion 2000 Notebook / customer service/repair

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Here is a copy of a letter I am sending to hp. The fact they treat customers the way they do is so dispicable. Be aware of hp and their poor customer service and repair process!!!

Dear hp executives,

I am writing to tell you about the completely ridiculous "customer service" I have been receiving from your company in regards to getting my hp pavillion dv2221 notebook repaired. I sent my computer to be fixed on july 31st and as of today, august 26th, I have yet to receive my computer back.In fact I was just notified today that it will be another 2 weeks until I "get" my computer back and that I shouldn't expect it back before september 9th. This is completely unacceptable to have customers wait 5 weeks just to get a motherboard replaced. Your company manufactured faulty computers and should be fixing the problem in a timely manner instead of delaying repair time and time again. This is the second time I have been told that my repair has been postponed. I would think a corporation such as yours would anticipate such a problem and prepare for the influx of returned products.

Throughout the past 3 weeks I have received nothing but poor service from your company. Besides being transferred from department to department to department, I have been hung up on several times, sometimes be on hold for over an hour, and not had my questions answered. When I finally landed in the "case worker" line, I was assigned to terry. She too, has done nothing but cause me more anger and disgust for your company. I understand that I can sometimes be difficult to work with, but my yelling and anger is only a result of the poor quality of service I have had to bear calling your "help" lines. When I asked initially why I have to wait 2 weeks more to get my computer back terry told me that "you are not our only customer" and that "you will just have to wait". Yes she offered to replace my product, but with a computer of lesser value and without the programs I had already installed on my computer sitting in your tech support warehouse. When I asked about getting microsoft office installed, I was informed by terry that "it is not our policy to replace those products". How can I be expected to accept a product that is not fully compatible with the one I gave you because your company screwed up?

Her abusive words did not stop there. I decided to be patient and wait the 2 weeks to get my computer repaired. The next arrival date was to be today, august 26th. Not once did I receive an email or phone call updating my status, nor did I receive a shipment notification. Because of this I called the case worker line twice yesterday. During those calls I talked to 2 guys who were very pleasant and as helpful as they could be, monty and john. During my conversation with john we had discussed all the issues your company is having repairing these products and he told me that I was not the worse of the customers who called. He, like monty, said that a note was going to be made to terry to follow up on my case and I should be receiving a call. Well, guess what? No call was ever made and when I called in to talk to terry, I was pretty irate about the fact I was just informed that I would have to wait until sept. 9th to get my computer back. I told her my conversation with john and she had the gaul to tell me "i highly doubt he said that". I was then hung up on and when I called back and requested a new case worker, I was denied the option. I was told flat out that terry is my case worker and I can not switch. How is it possible in a coproration such as yours that if a customer is having a problem with one person, someone else can not help? According to terry and the others in that department, she is the end all when it comes to customer service. I find that pretty hard to believe and completely ridiculous if that is the case.

All I want is my computer back in working order!!! I don't want a replacement computer. I don't understand why you can't accomodate your customers in a timely fashion. Not once when I sent my computer in was I told that repair on this product was going to take longer that usual. I was guaranteed 8-10 business days. It is now 3 weeks later and I am being told I will have to wait another 2 just to get an updated status. How much do you want to bet at that point I am going to be told my repair is going to take another 2 weeks, then another, then another? According to terry, I should have to expect to wait a couple of moths for this repair. Unacceptable!!!

I am a small business owner and am in the market of buying some more equipment for my company. Needless to say, after this experience I will not be purchasing any hp products again. I will also make sure to tell my friends and family about this whole situation and encourage them to go elsewhere to buy their computer products. I understand your company is having a serious problem with this motherboard issue, but you need to make this right and get us our computers back in working order. We as customers expect to be given the repair we are promised and products that are manufactured efficiently. There is no reason at all I should have to deal with nasty attitudes, unhelpful agents and a waiting time that has turned out to be at least 3 times longer than the inital agreement.

Because of this delay I have been forced to rent a computer to conduct day to day personal and professional duties. If I do not receive my computer back in working order by september 9th, as stated in my status report, I will start billing you for every extra rental agreement I have to make. Even though you are not charging me for repair, I am still having to spend money to make up for your inability to be efficient. I really hope this letter is taken seriously and that a response is made to appropriately fix this issue. I can not have my computer repair be delayed any longer, nor should I have to.

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      16th of Dec, 2009
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    Great letter!! Well written and explained! I hope everything works out!

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