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I purchased a HP Pavilion Laptop in May 2008. I returned for service in June for excessive overheating. I was told it would take 7-10 business days. Around the 10th day, I received an email AND phone message that due to huge demand, the part they need to replace has been backordered and they hoped to have it returned soon. 6 weeks later, it was returned without the adapter/power cord. I contacted my case manager, Jeanine Gabriel, whose attitude was very poor and rude. She first argued that she couldn't send a replacement for the adapter/power cord that was neglected to be returned from her warranty department. When I told her that I couldn't evaluate the service repair until I received a replacement cord because my laptop battery was low, she changed her decision and sent me a new cord. I received it 3 days later. Upon evaluating the repair, I found that the excessive overheating problem seemed to be corrected, however, there were new problems with the hardware and poor performance. I called Jeanine Gabriel to let her know my displeasure. Her attitude again was very poor and she stated that she couldn’t help me that I had to contact technical support again. I told her that was unacceptable. I had sent the notebook in for service according to my warranty and HP returned it in poor condition. She then issued a new order for me to send the laptop in to be repaired again.

This time, my laptop was returned within the 7 – 10 business days. The hardware problem was corrected, but I was receiving installation errors using Windows Update and the performance was still sluggish. I was able to install the updates manually and it seemed to help the performance a little, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Jeanine Gabriel called to follow-up on the 2nd repair. When I explained that I was still unsatisfied, she advised that there is nothing more that she or HP can do for me and that there is no one else to talk to about my complaint because she was my last line of contact at HP. When I told her that I wasn’t happy with her answer, and that I would post my horrible experience with her and HP on the Internet, she told me she didn’t care. Horrible customer relations and HP should be ashamed of their business practices. I’ll never buy another HP product again!!!

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  • Mi
      Sep 30, 2008

    I agree completely and share a similar experience with this individual. HP's customer service is horrendous. They make you go through hours of the same diagnostics over and over again before agreeing to reparing the product. In addition the attitude of most of their people is one of disinterest and they continuously ask you the same questions rather than referring to the case number and reading what snother technician either inputted or should have inputted into the system.

    I sent my computer back to be repaired as it would costantly freeze up. I was told the problem was a software one and that original factory software was to be reloaded. Upon receiving it back I experienced the same problem and once again after hours of diagnostics was told it needed a new mother board and needed to be returned. Computer was returned an then I was notified that it would be returned to be 2 weeks later as they were awaiting a part. Hard to belive they don't have it or can't get it sooner.

    To date I've been without the service of my computer for over a month and have spent probably 30+ hours on the phone with HP talking to people, being "shuffled around" and asked to do diagnotics...many being the same one over and over again.

    After this experience with their service department I would never purchase another HP product again or ever recommend them to another. In fact if I had the opportunity I would strongly urge someone looking to buy an HP product to look elsewhere.

    They just don't care!!!

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  • Ro
      Dec 05, 2010

    I had a repair shop check my HP DV2810US. They confirmed both the motherboard failure and the fact that it is a common problem with the HP laptop. I haven't bothered to try to use the HP customer service system as I have read so many others getting nowhere with the issue or in hearing HP admit that one should not expect a quality laptop motherboard to die immediately after the warranty expires. Apparently they consider laptops to be a disposable product. I on the other hand do not. There are other options out there, and I for one will not support a company that considers customer satisfaction to be unimportant to successful business practices. I was not happy when the failure occurred and am not happy with what is now nothing more than a very expensive external hard drive.

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