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Hp Notebook / defective battery, terrible after sales service!

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My name is John. My wife and I have a problem with a HP notebook we purchased. We were sent a laptop that has a defective battery. It won’t charge. The problem was diagnosed by an HP technician and a new battery is all it needs. We have been trying, unsuccessfully for about a week and a half to have HP send us a new battery. This being a brand new computer, we thought it would be a simple, “ship us a new battery” situation. Well after talking with HP India, HP Canada, HP Palo Alto, CA. IT’S NOT THAT EASY. HP representatives have hung up on us repeatedly and explained they can do nothing! They won’t ship us a battery without a personal charge card to cover the return of the defective battery. We have an account with HP, but they won’t use the account??? HP wants a personal credit card. We won’t give them our personal information because we have been charged incorrectly in the passed and it is very difficult to correct. HP says they won’t bill the account yet, but, they will put a hold on the available funds. How is that different? HP can not give me a physical location were I could possibly exchange the battery. We are stuck. We have already spent the money to add our business software and while it is plugged in it works. However, that’s not what we bought it for. I could use some help!

It seems as thought HP, as big as HP is, it is clear that making the sale is HP’s only concern. Customer service is not required or encouraged as we were hung up on many times, even by HP’s so called management. Thank goodness I have kept my IBM note book, I have technical support 24/7, AND, a real person to take it to when I have a serious problem. They don’t even need a credit card, because it’s under warranty. OH! By they way, the HP has a warranty also, but they want a personal card-- just in case??? Any suggestions?

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  • De
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    Hp Notebook - Hardrive meldown
    England, Surrey
    United Kingdom

    Have a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC - worked flawlessly for 11 months.
    After a Microsoft update three days ago, kept getting an error, windows in not loading, windows is restarting in a loop none stop.
    Called Comet helpline as it was in warranty - charged for tech support.
    I had to wait 24 hrs to talk to anyone - as they are apparently snowed under by people with the same issue.
    HP+Vista+Microsoft Update - same problem as me. I have AVG Pro, anti malware prog etc - scanned no viruses, My pc is looked after, afways updated and defragged and cleaned weekly.
    Computer would not function eventually at all.
    They tried with me to do various things, the PC would not even open properly in the end in safe mode. Comet helpline suggested I call HP next day. Called HP, took an hour to get through - same crap tests. Was told in the end to back up data on removable device and set back to factory settings - whole thing was corrupted.
    Tried to back up data on removable device and on hardrive - reset as advised and bought (as advise get back data to try to recover my files) The HP tech also admitted that this keeps happening to people with:
    HP Laptops plus Vista, yet they have not warned anyone or given advise - or even upgraded people free to windows 7.
    Tech support at Comet told me they have been reporting this to HP for months...

    Spent two solid days installing updates etc and service packs - laptop is now working.
    The only update I did not agree to install (as advised by a tech guy) was the Microsoft malicious software remover.
    All files on external drive and that getbackdata could find were either empty or corrupted- Lost everything!

    Called in to HP today to complain.
    They argued with me, were most unhelpful - said blame Microsoft, lied and said they had not been made aware of the issue
    (I was listening in on the phone when the tech guy called them to report this yet they are lying)

    Basically said 'tough' they were not going to do anything.

    So I'm now stuck with a laptop with just 1 months warranty left and this will likely happen again if I allow any further windows updates.

    HP have been made aware of this problem (already knew about it for some time) and chose to do nothing about it.

    I will never buy any HP products again.
    The least they could have done was to warn customers and offered everyone on Vista a free upgrade to windows 7!

    They have my money - so don't give a stuff what happens to you, your PC or data.

  • Ge
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    join the club had the same problem when I contacted HP the guy who answered tried to sell me warranty work never telling me that they extended the warranty when I called again they assigned my case to a case agent who in turn told me that they didnt have to tell me that the warranty was extended and then told me my extended warranty ended a month ago I told him that i Called 2 months ago and of course like they told you he lied and told me that they have no record and that they will not fix my laptop for free, Save your breath I e mailed the president they refereed my case to the same jerk who called me again to tell me that he have no plan of fixing my laptop . The CEO doesnt give a damn. I am looking into a class action suit. They know that they are selling defective material and to get away with it they tell the government that they are extending the warranty but they dont notify the customers,

  • Em
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    From your receipt, is it really the amount of tax they are withholding?

  • Ti
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    Hp Notebook - Mother Board
    97 Quebec Street
    Phone: 519-524-8586

    My daughter purchased an HP laptop computer in the fall of 2007, in the winter of 2007 we had problems with the computer and had to send it back to HP, it was the mother board, in February 2008, the motherboard died again. It was replaced again. Then in agian in the summer of 2008 the same problem. It was sent back and repaired. In September of 2009 the motherboard died again. We contacted HP and they told us that the warranty was up on the computer and they wanted $495.00 to repair it. We chose to purchase another computer...not an HP obviously. This past weekend a friend of ours who is extremely familiar with computers decided to take a look at the HP that we had so many problems with, and contacted HP about the situation. We were told that if we had called 5 days earlier that the motherboard would have been covered under warranty, because they had extended the warranty. Well we had called in September, but no one told us that the warranty had been extended ! They are telling us that they can not even find record of our phone call. The Customer Service Department of HP stinks! I think they even lie! The president of the company has been contacted, but I doubt that will do us any didn't the last time...So anyone considering buying an HP...spend your money elsewhere, unless, you only want to use it for a few months and you have lots of money to throw away...It's a shame that they put students through this ...especially students with learning disabilities that rely heavily on these machines. NEVER EVER EVER BUY AN HP PRODUCT IS MY ADVICE TO ALL!

  • An
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I fully agree that HP notebooks are JUNK!!! I paid $1, 000 for mine, 10 months later the screen went black. I was told to send it in for repair since I was still under warranty. Three months later, and many calls to HP, I was told they were unable to fix it, and offered me a replacement/upgrade to one with Vista and a bigger screen. I agreed since I really needed my laptop, after being without it for 3 months.

    Well, all was fine with the new laptop until one month after the warranty had expired on the new one. The screen went black again, just like the last one. When I called to inquire about my options, I was basically told that since it was no longer under warranty I was S.O.L.

    I have since had it looked at by a computer repair shop, who told me that the hard drive was fried, the media card was fried, and several other things.

    If HP is going to sell their products knowing that they are pieces of ###, they need to be put out of business or back their product up. They did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation, nor did they even apologize for the problem, which obviously is a result of the poor quality of their notebooks! Now I am stuck with a notebook that will cost me just under what it would now cost me to buy a new one. I don't have that kind of money. I think that having 2 of their notebooks die in just under 2 years speaks for itself.

    Thanks alot HP for absolutely NOTHING!!!

  • Mo
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    Hp Notebook - stealing from consumer, lies to sell
    HP online store
    United States

    I purchased an HP notebook for $1166.92. I was told that I can return the computer or cancel the order within 21 days. I cancelled my order within the first 24 hours and placed an order for another computer which was cheaper in price. I never recieved a credit for the first computer. After one month of going back and forth, I recieved only 1127.00 When I compained, HP staff told me that I have just to accept the partial refund and be thankful. I was told that TAXes are not refunable. I do not know which country HP operates from or how trains its people, but I do not think that HP teachs honesty. People who are working for the HP are dishonest and would do anything to get a buck. I have heard of everything, but TAXES are not refundable. If you are desparate to loose your money and time, call HP. Their staff would steal your money on the day light in front of you...

    Innocent consumer

  • Se
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    Hp Notebook - HP refuses to work with its customers
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 973-246-7430

    I would like to put HP to shame for terrible customer service. I ordered an HP laptop last year in June. I paid $1200 for it. This past March, my hard drive crashed. I lost everything on my laptop. I called HP and asked them to send me a new one since I was under warranty. The customer service agent – said he will send me new one but I would have to install it myself and send them back the old one. I said – the old hard drive is damaged – and I will need to see if I can retrieve my data from it. He said “you have 14 days, after you receive the new HD to retrieve your information. If you don’t return it after that time frame we will charge $400 to your account. Now it is bad enough I lost everything – but now I am under a time constraint to get this fixed. I got hold of a vendor who said he would charge $90 to retrieve my data. I took my hard drive to him and sadly enough he said the hard drive was damaged completely and needed to go to through intense recovery. He said the process costs anywhere between $500 to $2500. And also said before I send it to HP I should recover all my data for privacy purposes.

    So I called HP back requesting a resolution. I asked if I can keep the damaged hard drive so I can get the data retrieved some day in the future when I can afford to shell out such huge amounts, or if they can restore the data for me or pay me to do so – so I can return their hard drive. And if HP is only asking for it to destroy it – then I much rather destroy it myself. For one, I was hung up on 4 times when I called HP and then when I finally spoke to some called Rexcot he yelled at me saying he would not transfer me to a manager and I could complain to corporate as he didn’t care. I was appauled with this behavior – so I hung up and through HP’s website I wrote a letter to their CEO with the hope to get some help. Of course the letters never made it to the top of the chain. They were all forwarded to the HP case manager (Gilbert) who took over my case. When Gilbert called me – I told him I didn’t have the money to retrieve my data at the moment – so I would like is to keep the hard drive and when I am done with the process I would send it back to them. He said ‘No. it is against the policy. You have to return it.” What surprises me is that what would HP want with a bad hard drive. Second, if I knew I was going to go through so much trouble I would have just purchased a hard drive externally which by the way costs $80-$100 if you shop wisely. I have no idea how HP comes up with the $400. Also, we all know that you should not give your hard drive to anyone if you have personal information on it. HP wants me to send it back with my data on it – I am not sure what they would do with it – but that is a privacy infringement.

    When I exhausted all my options – I asked the manager to just reimburse me as I didn’t want their laptop anymore. Then he goes – you cannot because it is not broken. So I asked – “do you want me to break it?” He goes – “No then we need to send it for repair.” He goes we will only reimburse you the partial amount. Which is this case was approximately $500.

    I asked to speak to someone higher up and I am told “the case manager is it.” I want to bring my experience with HP to every consumer’s attention. Unfortunately I am stuck with this bad company and their horrendous customer service. But I hope this can help other consumers who are in the market for computers. I would recommend DELL and Gateway any day over HP. Not to mention they are cheaper than HP as well.

  • He
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    Hp Notebook - Terrible quality product!
    United States

    Do Not Buy HP NOTEBOOKS!!! Mine quite working after 2 months. HP would not replace it. Service was terrible. Company was impossible to work with. Kristen kept repeating that HP's policy was repair not replacement... Again- Dell, Gatways, IBM ThinkPad all have worked great for me in the past... My HP lasted all of 2 months. Buyers beware!!!

  • Va
      7th of Sep, 2007
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    Hp Notebook - A real lemon!
    United States

    Complaint against Hewlett Packard Customer service

    I bought a HP Pavilion notebook pc in July 05 and began to have problems with lagging and graphics within 6 months of purchase. I called HP cust support and was told I needed more ram. I had the ram upgraded shortly thereafter and it seemed to help... for a couple of months. Lagging was no longer a major problem, but the graphics problems increased, and there was a distinct rattle when the pc was moved around. I contacted HP once again, and was told to send it in for repairs (still under warranty at this time) They sent packing materials, I sent the nb on June 16, 2006. It was gone almost 3 weeks. The rattle was still there (they said there was nothing loose, it was 'just the sound of the floppy drive when it was moved') and it did take about a month for the graphics to start messing up again. During this month, it started overheating and shutting down at random. By this point there is no way to send it back in while still being under warranty. (Although the problem wasn't fixed the first time, they considered it a different problem of course) Now they say it 'probably needed a new screen, about 400.00, so we deal with the graphics and feel very cheated. The overheating problem continues. I take it to an authorized pc repair shop to check the fans, they don't see a problem, and can't figure out why it overheats off and on or why the graphics randomly mess up(maybe a short/loose wire??). I call HP and they suggest buying an external cooling pad, which we do. It seems to help the overheating, maybe, but it is so bad my son barely tries to use it because it is more trouble than its worth. Imagine if you will, spending an hour writing out an essay, only to have the pc shutdown and having to start all over, not to mention any online activities. (graphics are worse than ever, rattling still present,overheating constantly) To explain the graphics situation... When they go haywire, and you move the notebook up/down or sideways, they will clear up. So..for about the last 9 months the pc has been useless.Fans sometimes work, sometimes not, overheating and shutting down more than running. During this time I call HP once again to see about ordering fans, or getting a part number, but they can't even find a parts list for this pc, to the best of my understanding, since I can barely understand the guy I'm talking to and he can barely understand me. By the way, you have to pay for phone support now. I give up. This past July my brother visits from across the country and is not afraid of laptops, so he takes the back off to get a part number for the fans and finally discovers the cause of all of the problems we've had with this nb. There is a factory tester cd floating around inside the body of it, blocking fans/airflow and scratching back and forth over everything,and has been doing so from day one!! I take the cd to the Geek Squad for identification, and they tell me that it is the disc used on the assembly line when testing the motherboard. I called HP support and was told sorry, out of warranty. Next talked to their manager, same thing and he says no one is higher up than he, unless I call HP headquarters. Of course he will not give me a number, so I go online and chat with HP. They asked me to let them help instead of calling HP hq so I wait for week for the return call and satisfaction that is promised. I go back online to try and get a contact # for HP hq and am told the same thing which I decline this time, and finally get the number. I call Hp hq and am sent to their manager who tells me that it isn't under warrenty, and even had I bought extended warranty, they would not even touch it for repair because we took the back off. I understand we aren't under warranty still, but this is not a case of normal wear and tear or dropping the thing, it is a factory defect (screw up) not mine, and had we not taken the back off, it never would've been found. If it were a car, it would've been called a lemon. I feel that HP should stand behind a product that came off of assembly with a screw up, even if we were the ones to find it when even they couldn't figure it out. I understand that people and companies make mistakes,who doesn't, but when it happens, they should be held accountable for it. HP support has been pitiful and no support at all. They seem to have no interest in the individual customer. I am posting this for not only my benefit, but for others who may be considering HP products. I am also sending a link to HP support, and if they choose to listen this time and remedy this problem, I will repost so everyone will know that they came through.


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