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HP DV1000 / random shutdown

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I brought an HP DV1000 in july 16 2005. 2 months later I started having a problem, that is it would randomly shutdown. I didn't know what was going on. the first time I thought my battery died but no. around that time I had to go on a trip and with the computer giving problems I waited until I came back from my trip. I called HP and I got excellent customer service they sent the mail man to come and pick it up. about two weeks later I got it back. they had replaced the powerplug in the laptop and it work for about 4 days and then It started to randomly shutdown again. I made a couple trips when I came back I called them and told them the problem once again mail man pick it up and two weeks later I get it back. this time they replaced some chip inside my laptop. works good for one day and it starts all over. So I said maybe windows has a problem of some sort. So I formated my hard drive and installed a current version of linux. while using this OS I get a message that my laptop is over heating and it needs to shut down. Now, I know what causes the shut down. so I try to re install windows xp from the recovery cd. as soon as it says press enter to install it reboots. I tried countless times. nothing. I put the linux OS since it since it seems to work fine until it shutdown. Once again I called HP I told the technician the my laptop gives me a message of over heating and shuts down. the first thing he said was "who told you" and I said my laptop, on a nice little window. I told HP that I tried to reload the windows OS but it wont let me by this point I was extremely upset with them and I wrote a note just replace it with the same model, I don't need a top of the line HP just this one. the mail man comes two weeks later I get it back. they had done nothing with it. When I called HP they said that I had spill water and that there was nothing they could do for me. All I wanted was a replacement of the same model nothing else. Still within my 1 year of warranty they blew me off. When I go on trips I mean I went out to train, I'm in the military and I don't have time to be fooling around with HP. Now of course I have a new laptop while the other one is collecting dust. I payed about $1400 for it and got nothing in return, thank you HP.

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  • Jo
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    I had the similar problem. kinda... HP dv1007ap. I dropped my laptop so many times that the cooling fan inside stopped working for good. And my laptop got shut down regularly due to the overheating problem.

    So I got a usb laptop cooling fan and it works fine now.

  • Ha
      4th of Jul, 2007
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    Cool laptop, BUT!, I am working on it for a friend, I noticed the CPU fan was seized up (Wouldn't turn) so I took the laptop apart (outta warranty) took the fan off the heatsink, worked it back to running again (it is really a crap design, and $175.00 retail for fan and heatsink, what are they thinking, I would say the price of this combo is about $25.00 new (thats with a profit!!!)).

    Well anyways, I bought a fan/heatsink combo from a place in canada ($50.00 with shipping) , no biggie, the new one runs great, but the system still shuts down, you are right , it is an overheating problem (verified with laptop on its side and using an injection fan to blow air into the cooling fins, its has been on for over 48 hours with no shutdowns).

    I conclude that the CPU could be bad (I added a really thin coat of 100% Silcon heat sink grease (the good stuff!), but it still wants to shut down, I tried using Rightmark CPU clock utility to check CPU speeds all ok, I scanned the machine for virus/spy/crimeware nothing to report...


  • Ed
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    Not only DV1000 as I see now. The same problem is with at least 3 more models, DV5000, DV600, ZD7000. Readon google. With ZD7000 you can even get free after warantee repair due to bad laptop design. I have fixed for free my ZD7000 in 2008 June, and I even didn't owned it from new, I purchased it faulty on eBay and in one months time I fixed it free of charge as HP ZD7000 customers suit HP and won lowsuit, so now HP must fix all ZD7000 laptops free of charge. The same is with DV6000 series I think.

    Good luck with new laptops for price of peanuts. Just call HP support and complain, they may fix free of charge ;)

  • Za
      1st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My brother was having this same problem with his laptop. It would randomly shutdown whenever he would be doing something. I really never got to replicate the problem but i took the laptop apart at work and noticed a good amount of dust around the fan/heatsink. I blew all the dust out of the heat tunnel and fan with canned air and applied artic 5 paste to the chipset core and cpu. (just about a half of a pea size of paste per chip) and reassembled her. I booted her up, ran prime95 and speedfan to monitor my temps. My CPU was at 100% usage and it was steady at 63C. The fan seems to spin more freely and the exhaust duct seems to blow a little cooler. The laptop has been running prime95 for about 5 hours now and no shutdown. Seems like a lot of people are having this problem and i would recommend doing what i stated. Boy do I love fixing HP's mistakes...

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