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This lady they sent to my home was very rude and sarcastic! Just because I didnt look a certain way and because I live in a doublewide, she immediately told me that because I wanted to take the chair outside that I just blew it for medicare paying. But when I called they said I could get one for outside use, and you also told me that there were other people that would pay any additional cost. The lady that came to my house said I would have to pay 800 dollars up front, she rolled her eyes at me and said I doubt you can pay that. Thanks for nothing, you made me go to my doctor, have the test and I know I passed them because the lady came to my home to evaluate me and could not wait to leave, so I told her to just get up and go and she left.

Sorry we coulnt do business!
Arthur Lee Swift
2000 Velma Road
Athens, Tn. 37303

Mar 12, 2017

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