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Complaints & Reviews

Offered "free shipping" for anything $39.00 or more, but I had to pay postage due of $9.20.

I ordered back support and and compression socks totaling $71.27, which when my order was placed it clearly...

Safe-t-sport standard neoprene knee brace.

I purchased this knee brace for $18.95 plus tax for a total of nearly $22.90. I did not wear the knee brace. When I received it I realized it was not like my previous fla knee brace but instead contained materials that I would be allergic to. I called and melissa reassured me that I would get a full refund. I spent four dollars to ship back the knee brace. Over a month later I called because I have not received the refund. I was told I would only get a $9.00 store credit. In my opinion this company it is a rip off because they do not honor their return policy. I will never deal with them again.

Resolved Scammed by this company

I ordered a shoulder brace from this company. I paid for shipping with tracking. I never order anything...


Tried to return a product the was not as described. The customer service was very rude, did not accept the return ( it was requested in less than a week from when product arrived. Did not get free shipping as promised. Contacted credit card company to dispute charge, then got threatening emails about calling the police. The take advantage of at risk people.

free shipping scam beware

I received an email stating free shipping on all orders 1 day only, prior to this order I had a great experience with this company. This was for a sunday when they were closed but since it was 1 day only I went ahead and ordered.
I contacted them on monday when I was charged shipping, I was told $39.00 minimum, when on the email clearly states free shipping on all orders. Do not fall for this scam.

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Resolved returns

BEWARE! Do not trust buying from compressionsale.com!! They do not honor the claims on their website...

compression stockings no rma

Order # 1082609 placed on Nov 6th and not received until Nov 16th
Patrick [censored]an
First of all, I tried to get a call back from customer service on 11/14 to find out when my order was going to ship after not getting a return call the next day 11/15 I had to call Sales to get an answer who told me the were shipped. They arrived on 11/16.
After opening and seeing that would not work for my wife WITHOUT trying them on I followed their instructions on their return policy and requested an RMA on the same day the shipment arrived 11/16 only to get a rejection saying the order was beyond the 30 day limit which obviously was wrong (ordered on 11/6 and only received on 11/16. Having tried once to get someone from customer service to return my call, as previously never happened, I then left a message at the sales department, again no return call. Now it late on Friday 11/16 I decided to start calling first thing Monday 11/19, SIX calls latter, 2 to each Customer Service, Sales and the Retuns department, you guessed it; 3 PM and still no return call.

If no return call tomorrow 11/20 they will be sent back with a copy of this Complaint and a note I expect a full credit INCLUDING original shipping charge. In the mean time I will be notifying my American Express to not pay the charges from Compression Sales

This company will no only never get a recommendation from me but I will go out of my way to let family and friends not to buy or recommend them to their friend and their families
Patrick [censored]an
Woodstock, GA

refund issues

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Dificulty in getting a refund. Giving me the run around. Want my credit card...

customer service

The worst bunch of customer service reps so far!!
I tried to send an email regarding an exchange :
It took 3 different e-mails to finally make them understand what I was looking for
Called the customer service, the woman cut me half way and said I had no choice but to wait to get an email from the same rep who did not understand what I was looking for and hung up on me
Attempted to chat live and got the same unfriendly response so rude that I decided to send an email complaing about the treatments I had rec'd. The same customer rep answered (what is your order number) while I had asked for a manager to call me!!!

It seems there are two people who handle everything thus the rude behavior since there are no higher authority quality checking the customer service!!!
Will never ever try them again!!
The poorest service quality I have ever endured.

service to return is totally difficult...in fact they charge to return and will not refund the money... the worst costo er service on the pms et.

Bought online. The product was thigh high not knee high. When I asked about return, they sent me to a...

worst service ever

I regret I dealt with them. I rarely buy something online and I think now I know why. Because there's always something wrong.
I ordered a couple of stockings and they didn't fit me. Their website says that they accept items backs and there's a list of them. Stocking is in the list.
So I shipped them back and emailed their customer service asking what to do next. They didn't answer.
So it's been 2 weeks since I got a notification that they received my items but I see they are not in a rush to contact me and refund. As usual. What else did I expect?

advertised free shipping

I ordered compression hose from them and the page had free shipping. They sent me the ad in an email and nowhere does it state that there is a $39.00 minimum for free shipping; in fact it states free shipping on ALL orders in the USA. Please see attachment.

Order id:
Order Date: [protected]:26 PM
Status: Processed
Payment: PayPal Pro: ExpressCheckout
Delivery method: Standard Saver (USPS)

customer service

Do not use this co. Their customer service is the worse i've ever dealt with.in august 2016 I ordered a pair of compression stockings from this co. I have something called lymphedema, a result of high doses of radiation because of the cancer I had. Because of the lymphedema my legs are swollen all the time and I must wear these stockings;. After wearing this pair for 3 days one of the stockings had a hole in the heal. I emailed the co. To exchange the stockings and they wanted a picture. I'm telling them it's a hole. You want a picture of a hole? Ok, I complied. Between the dates of 8/10 when I first complained and 4/24, about eighty-five emails have been sent between us & I still do not have a pair of stockings I can wear or my money returned. I will be complaining to both the bbb and the state ags. The last time I heard from then was 4/24. Since then they have ignored my emails.

I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. After I sent them the picture of the hole they went back & forth with what to do. Never was there a name on any email they sent so I had no idea how many different people I dealth with. They obviously did not read the precious emails as I was asked the same questions over & over again. Such as what I wanted to do, what size and color I needed etc. After all these emails going back & forth on 10/4 they again asked me for a picture. I was fuming by now. Told them they already had that from 8/23! They finally sent me a fed ex label to return the damaged stockings and I returned them 10/28. On 11/2 I told them what I wanted in exchange & they told me they no longer carried that brand. They asked me for an item number. I had no item number since they didn't have what I wanted to order so I told them again in detail what I needed. On 11/18 the new stockings finally arrived. More than three months after all this began. And guess what? What they sent me was wrong-wrong size & wrong type of stockings. I emailed them again saying I wanted to return these and want my money back. I'm not dealing with this co. Ever again. Their response: we don't give refunds for the particular stockings they sent me!!! They decided what stockings to send me and sent me the incorrect stockings but I can't get my money refunded? How convenient that they picked out a pair that I can't get a refund for. I could only get an exchange or store credit and there would be a 25% re-stocking charge!! Can you believe this?? This co. Owes me a lot more than just the cost of those stocking for all they had put me through and all my time they have wasted. The last email I sent them was 4/24 telling them they must be kidding. I also told them I had been holding my tongue and not complaining about them on the internet but I have had enough. I have had no response from them since. So here I sit with a very expensive pair of stockings that they refuse to take back and refund my money. I have since been using a company called for your legs and have been very satisfied.

compression panty hose

I have never in my life dealt with such an ignorant company! They advertise that refunds are simple and easy. But they don't advertise that they're only simple and easy on certain products! I probably have 20 emails to and from these foreign scammers! Asking for a refund that's less than $30. How can companies be so disrespectful to their customers? Why can't they simply credit my visa and be done with it? They continue to be argumentative in their emails that the product I returned doesn't qualify for a refund!!! I'm going to the attorney general's office and the bbb. They have messed with the wrong woman! Please help me get my refund of less than $25.00! Geesh!!!

customer service

these people are either incompetent or they lie, in either case, I ordered merchandise from them and paid $30 for next day delivery. I chatted with their customer service rep the day before the merchandise was supposed to arrive and she assured me that the merchandise would arrive the next day. I was leaving the country and needed to take the merchandise on the trip which I explained to them. If the customer service rep had not given me wrong info, I would have canceled the order. I called the day the order was supposed to arrive and a different rep told me the merchandise would not arrive until the next day. I asked her to cancel the order and she did/would not do it. These people are incompetent or liars. They would not take the merchandise back or refund the shipping costs. I will NEVER do business with them again. If I could give them 0 stars I would have.

wrong order!

I have ordered socks from CompressionSale website and paid for the rush shipping. Their shipping is very expensive and it was almost like the total cost of my order. But I really needed these socks and needed the fast. First of all they used the slowest shipping possible and it took them forever to deliver. The second and most terrible things was that they sent me the wrong socks! I contacted them immediately but they did not reply! Stay away from this scam company!

refused the advertised free shipping

The website says Free shipping for any order in the US and when you put an item in the cart a popup advises that you have free shipping. When you go to check out, there is a charge for shipping.
Upon questioning, I was told I had not spent $15.00. That was nowhere on the main page. Deceptive advertising.


These people are thieves. I've purchased two pairs socks for my husband. Socks I received from were way too small, so I contacted compressionsale customer care and asked for an exchange. They said that they cannot do that because the socks were worn! I told them that they were unopened and unworn. But they said there will be no refunds or exchanges. I will never order anything from these scammers ever again! This company is customer unfriendly.

stay away from this company!

My very first experience with CompressionSales was very disappointing! The representative I spoke to was very rude and unprofessional. I had several questions and the rep gave me very short, curt answers. I asked if the Therafirm socks I was planning to buy had rubber grips and she assured me they did. Well of course, when I received my socks, they did not have the rubber grips I wanted. I immediately contacted customer service and got a rep who was super rude and sarcastic! I asked for a return, but he said that there will be no returns or refunds. When I asked why, he just hang up. I will never order from this company again!

bait and switch

Ordered one type of compression hose, got another. Called. Treated poorly by Rep. Emailed requesting an...