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Had the most awful experience with Houzz.

Ordered a sideboard which arrived damaged. It took them over a month to pick up my damaged piece of furniture due to their representative providing both myself and the delivery personnel with the wrong ID number for my case. Delivery personnel ended up in Westchester while I'm in NYC, contacting a person who never requested a pick up.

After several ignored emails to the representative, I started a charge back. My bank then got hold of "evidence" of houzz attempting to pick up furniture (before the ignored emails) and cancelled the chargeback. Called for several weeks to get a refund for a piece of furniture I no longer have, still keep getting the response that they can't refund because of a charge back. “Once the bank processes we will be able to refund you” - the chargeback has been cancelled for three weeks now!! I wanted to send them the letter from the bank, proving that the chargeback is cancelled, they refused and insisted on taking care of it themselves.

Received furniture in October, got it picked up mid November - it is January 11 and I am still charged for the furniture. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, NIGHTME EXPERIENCE!! Steer away! Chances are, you can find the same piece of furniture elsewhere, with no problems and cheaper!!

Jan 11, 2017

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