Houzz / defective product

I ordered a mid-century modern clock for $80 from Houzz. Turns out it actually came from Bison Office Products. anyway... the clock came and I did not open right away because I was in the middle of a remodel. When I did open the box (-which by the way was perfect. no sign of damage or stress) the clock had 3 bent metal prongs. I notified Houzz and they directed me to Bison Office Products. that's when things got ugly. Bison shut me down hard and fast, as I opened the box outside of their time frame. I understand this but bottom line it was a defective product. (And we are talking a matter of 3-4 weeks. It wasn't months or anything). So I turned back to Houzz who did nothing for me. Not an offer of a partial refund, not a coupon for future purchases. Nothing. Kind of puts you off ordering online. Lesson learned - don't order from Houzz. There are many other online sites I can order from. I just want to get the message out that you are taking a chance on losing money when you order from Houzz. And I would steer as far away from Bison Office Products as you can. The way they handled this situation was almost toxic.


Aug 17, 2017

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