Houzzauto-renewing contracts

I purchased Houzz's Pro Plus "upgrade" for my business profile in March 2017 at $200 per month for 12 months, with a 1-month discount effective in 30 days. I was charged the full amount until I notified Houzz in Sept 2017, requesting to cancel the agreement since they had been in breach since May 2017. Houzz refused the cancellation, but credited the $200 within the next 2 months.

The Pro Plus upgrade was verbally sold as a lead generator. Houzz was paid $2200 over the last 12 months for 1 viable lead ( which did not solidify) and a few scam inquiries. Very poor return on investment which I have requested to NOT AUTO-RENEW. I followed the requirements: sent notice of cancellation of contract to both mailing addresses noted in contract and emailed to legal @, to be effective within 30 days prior to the AUTO-RENEWAL date of March 2018.

Of the 3 notices sent, one certified letter I sent to the Houzz address as stated in the contract for receiving such "notice" came back as "not deliverable"; no acknowledgement of the email sent to their legal department has been sent; one signature card was returned from their Palo Alto address. I want Houzz to acknowledge and agree that my Pro Plus account will NOT be auto-renewed, will be cancelled, and my credit card will not be charged after the final payment of $200 in Feb 2018.

If Houzz continues charging the monthly fee after the cancellation date of March 2018, I will be forced to close the credit card I was required to provide for their auto-billing. I have notified the credit card company of this problem but they say they cannot cease the auto-billing.

Buyer Beware of Houzz and its practices toward business owners.

Feb 08, 2018

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