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Worst experience ever! I ordered my 7 bridesmaids dresses from house of brides. I encountered mistake after countless mistake on their part. First, they put the wrong dress on my account for all of my bridesmaids to order. I only noticed this by chance on a visit I made, if I had not, I cannot even explain how awful it would have been. Following that, house of brides told me a sash color that was not available for the dress I chose so no one could order the correct color due to the fact that the color they chose was for a completely different designer. Upon getting fitted for this dress, my consultant told each of my bridesmaids that they were at least a full 4 sizes larger than their true one case, she told her that she needed a 28 when she is a 14! Ridiculous. On one of my 1-hour drive trips to house of brides, I was told by a different consultant that the dresses I chose were discontinued in less than a month, so they needed to be ordered within the next 2 days in order to get them on time. I had told my bridesmaids they had at least 2 more months! What if they had not stumbled upon this fact and decided to mention it to me? After this I got my bridesmaids together and they agreed to get the dresses right away. For the next 4 days I attempted to call house of brides about 15 times per day. Finally on the fourth day I got in touch with someone who told me that the internet and phones had been down for the past 4 days. What?! How can that happen? Forward your calls. Do something to make sure you do not lose business and keep your customers at ease. I tried to be kind throughout all of this, but finally I had to call and ask the house of brides to take the name of my consultant off of my account and give me a different one. I told them I no longer wanted to be contacted by her and I did not want my bridesmaids speaking with her as I was worried about her ability to make my order correctly. I made this very clear and they assured me it would not be a problem. The next day she called me and knew nothing about me asking for her to not contact me anymore. On the same day, she called one of my bridesmaids and talked to her for about 5 minutes about all of the orders before my bridesmaid corrected the consultant and let her know that she was, in fact, not the bride. She told the consultant that she needed to call me about these items and she asked her for my phone number! After about 4 months of working together... Shouldn't she have a note or something about who is who? I have to say, these are only a few of the things that have happened with my experience. This whole experience has been so upsetting I cannot even begin to explain. I have not had any sort of assurance of what I will get the entire time. My bridesmaids have already paid and ordered their dresses, so it would be very difficult to change anything at this point. If I can give any words of advice to others, I would say please do not go to this store. Don't even attempt it. It is not worth your stress. Make your experience a fun and confident one... Go somewhere else!

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  • Wa
      Jul 07, 2011

    Wow take a deep breath's going to be alright

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  • Ph
      Feb 16, 2012

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